Travelling to St Albans: A Full Guide

Planning a trip to the charming city of St. Albans? Fantastic choice! Located in Hertfordshire, England, St Albans is a historical gem with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of attractions to explore.

If you’re wondering about the best ways to travel to this delightful destination, let us guide you through your options.

Looking down the railway line from Platform 3 at St Albans train station
St Albans Train Station

By train

Getting to St Albans is a breeze, thanks to its excellent transportation links. One of the most convenient and popular ways to reach the city is by train. St Albans City Station, located in the heart of the city, is well-connected to various destinations.

St Albans City Station is just 20 minutes away from London’s St Pancras International Station on the Thameslink train line. This means you can easily access St Albans from London and other parts of the UK.

The Thameslink line also connects St Albans to several other major London Underground stations, including Kentish Town, Farringdon, and London Bridge, and Farringdon, providing easy access to different parts of the capital.

The train services from St Albans City Station are not limited to London. You can catch direct trains to Gatwick Airport, Brighton, Bedford, and even London Luton Airport. These frequent services ensure that you can travel to and from St Albans with ease.

The Abbey Line, which operates from St Albans Abbey station, connects St Albans with Watford Junction, providing further access to National Rail connections to London Euston, the West Midlands, and the North via the West Coast Main Line.

For those looking to travel internationally, the Eurostar service runs from St Pancras International, conveniently connecting St. Albans to over 100 destinations across France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Planning your journey by train

To plan your journey and access timetables, you can visit the Thameslink website, National Rail Enquiries website, Abbey Line website, or consult reliable travel apps like Trainline. These platforms provide up-to-date information on routes, fares, and journey times, making it easy for you to buy tickets and save time, hassle, and money.

St Albans train travel FAQs

How far is St Albans from London by train?

St Albans is located approximately 20 miles (32 kilometres) north of London. The travel time by train from London to St Albans can vary depending on the specific train service and route taken. On average, the journey takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

Trains from London to St Albans typically depart from numerous major terminals including London St Pancras International, London Blackfriars, and London Bridge.

Is St Albans on Oyster?

No, St Albans is not part of the Oyster card scheme. Oyster cards can’t be used on Thameslink trains for journeys between St Albans City Station and London, and they can’t be topped up at St Albans.

However, you can tap in and out at St Albans using contactless payments, so it’s not always necessary to prebook a ticket.

Oyster cards provide a convenient way to pay for travel on various modes of public transportation in London, including trains, buses, trams, the London Underground (Tube), and certain river services.

It’s always a good idea to check the latest information and fare regulations on the official Transport for London (TfL) website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date details regarding Oyster card usage.

Which zone is St Albans in?

St Albans is located outside the London fare zones and is not included in the standard TfL (Transport for London) fare zone system. St Albans City Station is classified as a National Rail station rather than a TfL station.

Therefore, the fares and ticketing for travel to and from St Albans are determined by the train operating company, usually Govia Thameslink Railway, which operates services between St Albans and London.

Can you tap out at St Albans?

To travel to and from St Albans, you can make use of contactless payment methods such as cards or devices for pay-as-you-go fares. Oyster cards specifically, however, can’t be used at St Albans.

How much is the train from St Albans to London?

The train fare from St Albans to London can vary depending on a few factors such as the time of travel, the type of ticket (off-peak, peak, anytime), and whether you choose a single or return journey.

The average cost for a single journey from St Albans City Station to London ranges from around £10 to £20, depending on the factors mentioned above, although travelling with a railcard can make this less than £10.

By car

If you prefer the flexibility of driving, reaching St Albans by car is a viable option. The city is conveniently located near major motorways, including the M1, M25, and A1(M). From London, it’s approximately a 20-mile drive along the A5183 or M1.

However, do keep in mind that traffic congestion can occur, particularly during peak hours. St Albans has several public car parks available, making it relatively easy to find parking near the city centre.

By bus

Travelling by bus is another affordable and practical choice for reaching St Albans. Several bus services operate to and from the city, connecting it to nearby towns and London.

The bus journey from London to St Albans takes around an hour, depending on traffic conditions. National Express and other local bus operators provide regular services.

By air

If you’re coming from abroad or from a distant location, St Albans is a relatively easy location to get to.

The closest major airport is London Luton Airport (LTN), located approximately 12 miles away. From the airport, you can take a taxi, hire a car, or catch a direct train to St Albans.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is also within reach, with convenient transport links to St. Albans via train or bus. Alternatively, travelling from London Gatwick takes roughly 1.5 hours on a single train.

Once you’re in St. Albans

Upon arriving in St Albans, getting around the city is fairly straightforward. The city centre is compact and pedestrian-friendly, allowing you to explore many of the best things to do in St Albans on foot.

If you prefer public transport, there’s a reliable bus network that serves various parts of the city and its surroundings. Taxis and Ubers are also readily available for shorter journeys or convenience.

Now that you know how to travel to St Albans, it’s time to pack your bags, plan your itinerary, and embark on a memorable adventure. Whether you choose the train for convenience, the car for flexibility, or any other mode of transportation, St Albans awaits with its historical landmarks, vibrant market, and fantastic places to eat. Have an amazing trip!

St Albans travel FAQs

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