15 Best Things To Do in Tenby for Couples

As one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, Tenby is the perfect location for couples in need of a getaway.

With walks along the beautiful coastline, a fascinating history, and many great excursions, there are many fun activities in Tenby, whether you’re staying in the area or exploring different parts of Wales.

For ideas of exciting ways to spend time together, check out these ideas of the best things to do in Tenby for couples.

1. Stroll around the town

One of the best activities in Tenby for couples is to simply take a walk around the town, exploring the small and picturesque streets.

While it does get busy in the height of summer, there are plenty of independent shops to pop into and cafes to sit and relax.

The colourful facades of the houses along the promenade make the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll around Tenby, especially on a sunny day.

Make sure to walk up to the castle as well. The vantage point provides great views over the beaches of Tenby, the Pembrokeshire coastline, and across the water to Caldey Island.

The colourful houses in Tenby, Wales
The colourful houses in Tenby are iconic

2. Relax on one of Tenby’s beaches

Tenby is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for a beach holiday in the UK, owing to the fact that it has four different beaches around the town itself which are some of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire:

  • Castle Beach: This is the most picturesque beach in Tenby, being situated under the shadow of the castle and with views over to the nearby St Catherine’s Island.
  • North Beach: With the iconic multi-coloured houses of Tenby on the promenade above, this beach is one of the most popular and beautiful in the town, and is located close to amenities including many great restaurants.
  • South Beach: Stretching for miles southwards away from Tenby, this is the best choice if you’re looking for a quieter time by the sea.
  • Harbour Beach: While the smallest of these four beaches, this is the most convenient due its location close to the town centre.

More than that, you can take a short drive (or even a walk) to discover many other beaches further along the Pembrokeshire coastline, such as at Saundersfoot or Amroth.

Find more ideas about where to relax by the sea by reading our blog on the best beaches in Tenby.

Tenby's North Beach viewed from the nearby cliffs on a sunny day
Tenby’s North Beach

3. Take a boat tour

One of the most exciting things to do in Tenby for couples is to buy a ticket from the harbour for one of the many boat tours that take you out to see parts of the Pembrokeshire coastline.

There is a range of boats and trips to book, including a seal safari to get up close to the local wildlife, and a catamaran where you can relax with refreshments while admiring the ocean from the observation decks.

If you want to book a boat trip, however, our top recommendation is to take a ferry over to Caldey Island. You’ll see St Catherine’s Island, the beautiful coast south of Tenby, and you’ll then be able to discover everything Caldey Island has to offer.

One of the boats from Tenby
A boat from Tenby to Caldey Island

4. Visit Caldey Island

One of the most interesting and unique things to do in Tenby for couples and anyone looking for a fun day out is to take a trip to Caldey Island.

A beautiful monastery is the focal point of this island. As the home of Cistercian monks, you can’t go inside the monastery, but there are other churches and shops nearby you can visit.

There are also beaches and fantastic walking trails around the island, so it’s possible to spend several hours there. Look out for the red squirrels that inhabit the island too!

As it requires hopping on a small ferry to get there, one of the most romantic things to do near Tenby is to visit Caldey Island and find a secluded spot for a picnic. Visiting this quiet and relatively isolated part of Wales almost feels like stepping back in time!

Read our blog about what to do on Caldey Island for a full list of activities and things to see during your visit. 

The monastery on Caldey Island
The beautiful monastery on Caldey Island

5. Have a trip to St Catherine’s Island

While not anywhere near as big as Caldey Island, St Catherine’s Island should still be on your list of places to visit if you’re in Tenby.

You can walk to this small tidal island at low tide as it’s right by Castle Beach, although at high tide you’ll need to wade or even swim!

With a Napoleonic Fort located on top of the cliffs, there’s a lot to discover and it’s one of the most interesting spots in Tenby, especially with the views out to see.

St Catherine's island in Tenby
St Catherine’s Island

6. Enjoy a romantic meal

There are many fantastic places to eat in Tenby, whether you’re after a romantic meal out or looking for tasty food to take away and enjoy by the beach.

One of the most exceptional places to eat for a special evening together is The Qube, an award-winning restaurant where they serve freshly-caught fish from Tenby harbour.

Alternatively, for a more classic seaside experience, make sure to try one of the many fish and chip shops in the town. There’s nothing more romantic than watching the sunset from the beach while sharing a portion of chips!

If you’re staying in Tenby, you should also consider taking a quick drive along the coast to discover the best restaurants in Saundersfoot.

7. Walk the coast path

If you’re a couple who enjoys an adventure, or just like to stretch your legs, following the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, is a great option to spend some time.

This national trail stretches for 186 miles around much of the Pembrokeshire coastline. While you’d need to be seasoned walkers with a lot of free time to follow it to completion, you can head a few miles east or west from Tenby for a more manageable hike.

We recommend taking the trail east to Saundersfoot, as this route takes only a couple of hours and offers some fantastic views over the Welsh coast. Plus, you can then spend some time exploring the many things to do in Saundersfoot, which itself is a lovely little town worth visiting.

You can also get a bus back to Tenby, or retrace your steps and walk. You can read more on our blog about the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk.

A view of Saundersfoot from the hill to the south
A view of Saundersfoot seen on the coastal path from Tenby

8. Visit the historical sites

One of our top recommended things to do in Tenby for couples is to spend some time discovering the many historical sites dotted around the town. Whether you’re interested in history or not, they’re fascinating and beautiful to see.

  • Tenby Castle: The ruins of Tenby Castle, which date back to the 13th century, are a prominent feature above Tenby. Head up the hill to see the castle is worth it for the views of the surrounding coastline alone.
  • St. Mary’s Church: This medieval church located in the heart of Tenby has beautiful architecture so should be on your list of places to stop by.
  • Tudor Merchant’s House: This 15th-century townhouse has been restored to its original condition and offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Tenby’s Tudor merchants, making it one of the most unique places to visit in Tenby.
  • The Five Arches: This outer barbican of the town walls has five arches, making it a distinct landmark in Tenby and a fascinating location to visit.
  • The town walls: Parts of the medieval town walls in Tenby still stand, making for an interesting backdrop if you’re on a romantic walk around its scenic streets.
The tower at Tenby Castle
The remains of Tenby Castle

9. Get spooked on a ghost walk

There are few better ways to have a thrill-seeking experience in Tenby than by attending a ghost walk.

Bringing a supernatural twist to a typical walking tour, you’ll explore plenty of streets around Tenby while also learning about the many spooky tales related to the ghosts, mysteries, and legends embedded in the town’s history.

Find more information about the ghost walk and other guided tours in Tenby here.

One of the picturesque streets in Tenby
One of the many small scenic streets in Tenby

10. Try out glassblowing together

For one of the more different things to do in Tenby for couples, look no further than Gift of Glass, a glassblowing studio where you can take part in an experience and learn the many techniques of this specialist artform.

From cutting and colouring to sculpting and blowing the glass, you’ll be guided through each part of the process and given the chance to make something of your own which you can then take home.

The 2-hour private session is available for 2 people, making this experience there perfect option for a romantic date. It’s also a great way to stay dry, and is one of our top things to do in Tenby on a rainy day!

11. Go Pembrokeshire Alpaca Trekking

A fun activity nearby to Tenby is to go alpaca trekking! This relatively new experience gives you the chance to meet a group of alpacas and take one of a mile-long trek.

Pembrokeshire Alpaca Trekking offers one of the best and most unique things to do near Tenby for couples, so don’t miss out on trying out this unforgettable experience!

Located on a beautiful farm in the heart of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, it’s also a great way to explore more of this part of wales.

12. Paddleboard or kayak in the bay

For those looking to take to the water, there are multiple watersports available and equipment to hire around Tenby.

These include paddleboards and kayaks, which provide a great way to explore the bay freely. Even if you’re a complete novice, you can get to grips with both options very quickly.

On a hot summers day these are some of the best ways to stay cool and enjoy the sea, especially when the water is calm!

This is also one of the best things to do in Tenby for families, as you can hire several paddleboards to try it as a groupl.

Tenby North Beach
The bay at Tenby during summer

13. Take a spa day

There are few better ways for a couple to relax in Tenby after a day exploring the town or being on the beach than by visiting a spa.

Heywood Spa Hotel offers the very best option for those in need of some R&R in Tenby, and you can buy a day pass to make use of their hot tubs, pool, and other amenities.

Alternatively, you can check out St Brides. While a bit further afield, visiting it is one of the best things to do in Saundersfoot.

14. Take a trip to Folly Farm

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Pembrokeshire is Folly Farm, which offers a great day out for everyone, including couples.

With everything from farm animals like pigs and goats to bigger creatures like giraffes and rhinos, there’s plenty to see. It takes a good few hours to discover everything!

Make sure to hop on the land train to see more of the farm, and make note of the time of different demonstrations throughout the day of your visit as they’re well worth attending.

A green lizard sat on a log in Folly Farm
A scaly inhabitant of Folly Farm

15. Have a date at Manor Wildlife Park

Another option for a romantic outing near to Tenby is heading to Manor Wildlife Park.

This 52-acre zoo is one of the best places in Pembrokeshire for animal lovers, as there’s a massive range of wildlife and endangered species to see.

For an even more exciting visit, you can book one of the available animal experiences, such as meeting the red pandas or even meeting the tigers!

If you like the sound of staying in Tenby, make sure to check out our other recommendations of UK coastal breaks for couples.

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