6 Fun Things to Do in Scarborough for Couples

Along the beautiful coastline of North Yorkshire, you can find Scarborough, a popular seaside destination that offers a perfect romantic getaway for couples.

This captivating town has a blend of historical charm, with the incredible ruins of a medieval castle overlooking the shoreline, and modern attractions, such as amusements and water-based activities.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll along the beach, a romantic meal with a view, or a base from which to discover other romantic things to do in Yorkshire, Scarborough has it all.

To help plan your visit to this amazing part of the country, check out this blog of the most fun things to do in Scarborough for couples.

1. Explore the historic Scarborough Castle

For couples intrigued by history, a visit to Scarborough Castle is an absolute must. This medieval fortress offers panoramic views of the coastline, providing some fantastic and romantic photo opportunities.

As one of the most fascinating historic landmarks in Yorkshire, the castle has witnessed attacks from Vikings and been besieged during the English Civil War.

Explore the ancient ruins together, heading along the curtain walls and climbing up to the viewing platform in the 12th-century Great Tower.

Plan ahead and you can attend one of the various events that the castle hosts throughout the year, such as jousting tournaments.

Scarborough Castle
The ruins of Scarborough Castle on the clifftops

2. Relax on the beach

Scarborough has a couple of beaches to choose from if you’re after a day by the sea, and each one has its advantages:

  • South Bay Beach is the most popular, being located by the main promenade where you can find a range of great places to eat. You’ll also be able to spend some time at the amusements nearby or take a wander around the harbour.
  • North Bay Beach is located on the other side of the headland. It’s further away from the main tourist centre of the town, but this means that it’s generally quieter and a great spot for a romantic stroll along the beach.

With the Scarborough Castle perched high on the cliffs above Scarborough, the beaches at Scarborough are a fantastic place to relax together and enjoy the calming sound of waves crashing against the shore.

North Bay Beach in Scarborough on an overcast day
North Bay Beach in Scarborough

3. Enjoy a ride on the North Bay Railway

Built in 1931 and still in operation today, taking a ride on the North Bay Heritage Railway is one of the most fun things to do in Scarborough for couples.

This rideable miniature railway travels for less than a mile along the North Bay area of the town, but it remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Scarborough.

Travelling on the Scarborough North Bay Railway is certainly a unique activity and a fun way to spend some time, but it can also be a useful way to travel between Scalby Mills, right by SEA Life Scarborough, and the scenic Peasholm Park.

4. Visit Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park is among the most interesting places to visit in Scarborough, and offers a pleasant location to spend some time, whether that’s taking a stroll or having a picnic on a sunny day.

This oriental-themed park has a range of bridges, streams, and waterfalls to explore, as well as hosting a world-famous Naval Warfare, a miniature sea battle that’s one of the most unique things to see in the UK.

There are also a number of activities you can try out at Peasholm Park, from having a go at mini golf to taking to the water on a rowing boat, canoe or dragon-themed pedalo.

5. Wander through the Dalby Forest

If you’re looking for one of the best things to do near Scarborough for couples, why not escape the busy seaside town and head into the beautiful North York Moors National Park?

There are plenty of places to explore here that are only a short drive out from Scarborough, but one of the most romantic spots is Dalby Forest.

With over 8,500 acres of woodland to explore, there are many walking and cycling routes you can take through this forest. You can find a peaceful romantic spot to yourself to enjoy a picnic within the shade of the trees or with a view across the moors.

6. Look around Scarborough Art Gallery

For art-loving couples, a visit to the Scarborough Art Gallery shouldn’t be overlooked. This elegant Victorian building houses an impressive collection of artworks, ranging from contemporary pieces to classical masterpieces.

Along with a permanent display, the gallery often hosts temporary exhibitions with artwork from across the UK as well as internationally-renowned artists.

Located in Grade II* Italianate villa built in the 1840s, the art gallery is set in one of the most romantic spots in Scarborough.

Day trips from Scarborough for couples

Along with exploring the North York Moors National Park, there are several destinations around Yorkshire that are great to explore as part of a day trip out from Scarborough:

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