18 Best Things to Do in Saundersfoot

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to base yourself for a holiday in Pembrokeshire, or if you’re in need of a location to spend a day out, Saundersfoot offers plenty of things to do in this part of Wales.

From the gorgeous beaches and walks along the coast, to watersports and some of the top attractions in the area, you won’t be short on activities to fill your time.

Saundersfoot is great to visit in the summer, especially if you’re lucky enough to have good weather. But, it has a completely different feel out of season, and it’s fun to explore without lots of tourists around.

Read on to find out the best things to do in Saundersfoot.

Saundersfoot beach in summer
Saundersfoot beach in summer

1. Have a day at the beach

On a hot summer day, Saundersfoot beach feels more like a Mediterranean paradise than a holiday destination in the UK. There’s a reason why tourists flock to it every year.

Grab a bucket and spade and find yourself a spot on the sand. It’s easy to spend an entire day on the beach and in the water.

If it’s not too cold, then you can enjoy a swim. With lifeguards keeping a watchful eye, you can be sure it’s a safe place for anyone, including kids, to go swimming.

There are also plenty of other incredible beaches near Tenby and Saundersfoot that are worth exploring, with some such as Amroth being within walking distance.

2. Try paddleboarding

If the water is calm enough and you want to have a hand at a fun activity, then don’t miss the opportunity to try out paddleboarding.

Saundersfoot provides one of the best locations in the UK to go paddleboarding, especially on a warm, sunny day. The bay provides a perfect shelter, so if there’s little wind the waters can seem almost undisturbed.

There are a couple of places to hire paddleboards from including Good Trails, which also offers lessons if you’re new to the sport. What’s more, you can even hire a giant paddleboard (a megaboard) that up to 8 people can use – perfect for a large group to test out their teamwork skills!

3. Go catching crabs

In 2019, a crabbing station was opened at Saundersfoot harbour. Grab a bucket, net and bacon from a nearby shop if you don’t have the equipment already and you can have hours of fun (and sometimes frustration) catching crabs.

With safety railings in place, the crabbing station is the perfect place for the whole family, especially once the tide comes in on a warm evening.

To help succeed at catching a bucketload of crabs, you can read our guide with useful crabbing tips.

4. Walk along the harbour

Right by the village, Saundersfoot harbour itself is worth taking a moment to stroll around and enjoy the views along the beach and across the sea.

Grab an ice cream, sit along the harbour walls, and watch the tide coming in or out. Depending on when you go, the harbour has an entirely different look depending on if it’s high or low tide.

A view over Saundersfoot harbour at low tide
A view over Saundersfoot harbour at low tide

5. Have a spa day

If you’re looking to relax and have had enough of getting sand in your shoes, look up to the clifftops where St Brides Spa Hotel overlooks Saundersfoot.

You don’t need to stay in their hotel to make the most of what comforts they have to offer. Book in for an afternoon at the spa to fully unwind and recuperate with the sea air filling your lungs.

6. Paint some pottery

Periwinkle Pottery offers one of the most creative things to do in Saundersfoot. Relax and let your imagination go wild as you paint whatever your heart desires.

As well as being fun for the whole family, you can also enjoy their family-run bistro and the food and drinks to keep you refreshed while you work on your masterpieces.

7. Walk to Wisemans Bridge

Taking a little walk north up the coast will get you to Wisemans Bridge. This little hamlet has a fantastic pub with a beer garden overlooking the sea, and it’s a great spot to get away from the crowded beach of Saundersfoot.

The walk isn’t long, and it’s a lot of fun as it takes you through a series of tunnels under the cliffs.

The beach at Wisemans Bridge
The beach at Wisemans Bridge

8. Eat out at a top Saundersfoot restaurant

Saundersfoot is full of great places to eat and drink. From seafood at the Stone Crab to Pembrokeshire Pasties, there’s plenty of options depending on what takes your fancy. You can also go with the classic fish and chips.

For a choice a bit more out of the ordinary, try Kookaba if you’re interested in testing out an Australian cuisine.

If you need more inspiration on where to go for a tasty meal, you can read our blog on the best restaurants in Saundersfoot.

9. Enjoy a tasting menu at Coast

Visit Coast for an unforgettable culinary experience near Saundersfoot, whether you’re staying nearby or wanting to travel further afield for a tasty meal out.

Right by Coppet Hall beach, where you can spend a sunny day enjoying the sea and sand, the restaurant has a delicious menu for lunch or dinner, including a 7-course tasting menu if you’re after a proper treat.

The modern building also hosts a bar with a terrace where you can relax with a drink in the summer and enjoy views of the beach and sea.

Coast restaurant near Saundersfoot

10. Grab a tasty treat by the harbour

Saundersfoot benefited from a beautiful new development near its seafront, and you can visit the new Ocean Square to see the range of small shops and vendors that cater to visitors all year round.

Amongst these cabin-like units you can find a place that serves locally caught fish, including a cone of whitebait, as well as the tasty Pembrokeshire Pasty Company.

Grab an ice cream from a stand nearby and you can either sit on a bench in Ocean Square or take it to the harbour and bask in the sun.

A pot of whitebait from a vendor in Saundersfoot
Whitebait from Saundersfoot

11. Take part in a sea safari

Book a trip with Saundersfoot Sea Safari and you can take to the water, getting away from the crowds around the town and instead exploring the surrounding coastline.

They offer a range of tours, including wildlife safaris where you’ll be able to spot seals, porpoises, and other animals around locations like Caldey Island.

For a more romantic option, they also run sunset cruises in the evening which offer the opportunity to really take in the beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast.

12. Hire a bike and explore the coastline

You can hire bikes from a couple of places in Saundersfoot, and this is always a great option, especially on a dry day.

As well as getting around the town more easily, you’ll be able to explore up and down the coastline, and there are clear routes to follow.

A short cycle can get you to Wiseman’s Bridge, which has a great pub to stop at for a drink, or you can head further along to find quieter beaches like Amroth.

13. Join a sea fishing trip

Taking part in a fishing trip operated by Saundersfoot Sea Fishing is one of the more rewarding things to do in Saundersfoot, whether you’re a complete novice at fishing or not.

Each trip will be tailored towards your skill level, so you’ll be given all the guidance you need as you’re taken into the waters surrounding Saundersfoot.

You can catch a range of species as part of the trip, including mackerel and sea bass, so by the time you’re back at the harbour you should have a sense of accomplishment!

14. Have fun at the amusements

Like all good seaside towns, spending time at the amusement arcade is always a lot of fun, and when the weather turns it’s one of the best things to do in Saundersfoot in the rain.

You’ll find arcades on Milford Street, not far from the beach, where you can try out all the usual games.

Try out a range of machines and earn tickets along the way which you’ll be able to exchange for prizes.

15. Walk the coastal path to Tenby

For those eager to stretch their legs, the coastal path to Tenby is a perfect option. Being part of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, the walk is well-signposted and easy to follow.

At a little over 4 miles, you can expect the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk to take around two hour depending on your fitness level and how many stops you need. 

Be warned that some sections are very steep, so come prepared with good footwear and pick a day with good weather. The views, however, are worth the effort. At around the halfway point, there’s a fantastic picnic spot with a view over to Tenby.

There’s plenty of things to do in Tenby itself when you complete your walk, so treat yourself to an ice cream or a hearty lunch – you’ll deserve it!

A view of Tenby from the Pembrokeshire Coast Walk
A view from the Pembrokeshire Coast Walk with Tenby and Caldey Island in the distance

16. Visit Amroth Beach

If you want a change of scenery (or if Saundersfoot beach is getting too busy for your liking), take a trip further up the coast to Amroth beach. 

This flat sandy beach is perfect for playing games as well as swimming, and being further away from any major settlements means that it’s alway a peaceful place to spend your time.

To guarantee a parking space in the summer, make sure to head over promptly in the morning.

Amroth beach
Amroth beach

17. Folly Farm

As a fun day out for the entire family, take a 10 minute drive inland to the award-winning Folly Farm. This adventure park and zoo is full of amazing animals to see as well as exhilarating rides and other activities.

You can see everything from your classic farm animals to tapirs, giraffes, and other amazing creatures from around the world. Plus, they also have a petting area which is always great fun, no matter how old you are!

If you decide to visit, don’t forget to check out the land train tractor ride for a fun tour of the farm. For lunch, you can bring your own picnic in or try out one of the many food outlets available.

An adult and baby goat from Folly Farm in a petting area
Two inhabitants of Folly Farm

18. Oakwood Theme Park

If you’re after a more exhilarating experience, Oakwood Theme Park is the biggest theme park in Wales and it’s only a 20 minute drive from Saundersfoot.

Right in the centre of Pembrokeshire, it’s one of the funnest things to do around Tenby and Saundersfoot, providing all the adrenaline-fuelled thrills you could want.

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