15 Fun Things to Do in Prague for Couples

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Prague, Czechia’s picturesque capital, is a city that seems tailor-made for romantic getaways.

With its cobblestone streets, fairytale-like architecture, and an abundance of cosy corners, Prague is a paradise for couples seeking a romantic escape.

To help you plan a visit to this beautiful city, check out this list of the best things to do in Prague for couples, from exploring the many historic landmarks to taking charming strolls along the Vltava River.

1. Stroll across Charles Bridge

Begin your romantic adventure by taking a leisurely stroll across the iconic Charles Bridge. This 14th-century stone bridge, adorned with statues of saints, offers breathtaking views of the Vltava River and Prague Castle.

At dawn and dusk, the bridge takes on a magical aura, making it a perfect place for a hand-in-hand walk and a loving selfie or two.

The Charles Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague, with crowds of visitors covering it even during the off-season. 

So, ideally try to visit on a weekday and, if you can, make a trip especially early or late in the day in order to see it at its most peaceful.

The view west standing by the Charles Bridge in Prague
The view over the river from next to the Charles Bridge

2. Explore Prague Castle

For a dose of history and culture, head to Prague Castle, a large complex which you’ll be able to see perched atop a hill on the western side of the city. 

Within the castle complex, you’ll be able to explore various historic sites, such as St Vitus Cathedral and the Golden Lane.

While it’s quite a steep climb to get there, the panoramic views of the city from the castle grounds are also an ideal backdrop for a memorable couple’s photo.

The back of St Vitus Cathedral in Prague
St Vitus Cathedral

3. Spend time by Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square is an iconic sight. Spend an evening sitting in the square, admiring the clock’s hourly show, and savouring a delicious ice cream or hot chocolate from a nearby café.

Every hour (from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.) you can witness the clockwork procession of the Twelve Apostles, one of the must-see curiosities in Prague.

The Old Town Square is worth seeing both at day and at night due to the vastly different atmosphere, with the beautiful architecture being lit up spectacularly when the sun goes down. 

The Astronomical Clock in Prague at nighttime
The Astronomical Clock at night

4. Enjoy drinks with a view

There are plenty of fantastic bars in Prague where you can enjoy a relaxing drink, but Terasa U Prince is worth a special trip due to its unique view.

Located at the top of a hotel, the bar’s rooftop terrace is located right by the Old Town Square, giving you incomparable views of the busy square and the ornate Chrám Matky Boží před Týnem (Church of Our Lady before Týn).

You can even see the Astronomical Clock and witness the hourly procession, as well as the crowds that gather in front of it.

The view of the Old Town Square in Prague from the rooftop bar at Terasa U Prince
The Old Town Square seen from Terasa U Prince

5. See the views from the top of Petřín Hill

Petřín Hill is a green oasis in the heart of Prague. Climb the hill (which can be a challenge due to how steep it is!) or take the funicular railway to reach the top, where you’ll find lush gardens and a tower with splendid views of the city.

With a design inspired by the Eiffel Tower, Petrin Tower is right at the top of the hill and offers arguably the best views in Prague.

While you might be tired after climbing to the top of the hill, the extra 299 steps up the tower are worth it, as you’ll be able to spot many sights like St Vitus Cathedral and the Old Town Hall.

Even if you don’t go up the tower, you’ll still be treated to great views from Petřín Hill, and it’s a romantic place to escape the urban hustle and enjoy a picnic or leisurely walks.

Looking up at Petrin Tower in Prague with blue skies behind
Looking up at Petrin Tower

6. Discover the Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is a vibrant and constantly evolving mural filled with messages of love and peace.

The wall is constantly changing with new graffiti, and it’s a sight to see amidst the old Czech buildings surrounding it.

Couples can leave their own messages and enjoy the artistic atmosphere, often accompanied by musicians playing Beatles songs nearby.

Around the corner, you can even find a Yellow Submarine-themed pub.

Graffiti on the Lennon Wall in Prague
Graffiti on the Lennon Wall

7. Attend a classical concert

Prague is renowned for its classical music heritage, and attending a live concert with your partner can be a truly special way to spend an evening.

The city boasts a variety of venues, from grand opera houses to intimate chamber music halls, providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic night out.

You’ll likely spot adverts around the city, outside churches and other venues, so don’t hesitate to make a last-minute plan and swing by the box office to buy tickets.

We recommend seeing a concert at Obecní Dům, a grand art nouveau concert right next to the stunning Powder Gate Tower (Prašná brána).

Obecní Dům concert hall lit up at night
Obecní Dům

8. Relax in a Beer Spa

One of the most unique things to do in Prague for couples is to pay a visit to a beer spa, such as the Original Beer Spa.

This peculiar concept is a surprisingly fun way to chill out while in Prague and enjoy some R&R, which might be much-needed if you’ve been spending a long time on your feet while exploring the city.

Instead of water, you get to bath in rejuvenating beer, while also drinking as much Czech beer as you could possibly desire!

9. Dine in a medieval tavern

For a unique dining experience, book a table in one of Prague’s medieval taverns. Enjoy hearty Czech cuisine, medieval décor, and perhaps even a medieval show.

A bar such as U Pavouka is a fun way to step back in time and experience what it might have been like in medieval Bohemia.

With everything from swordsmen to belly dancers, as well as authentic music and food, there’s all you could need for a fun and romantic medieval atmosphere.

10. Take a Vltava River cruise

If you need some time off your feet, discover Prague’s stunning architecture from the water by embarking on a Vltava River cruise. 

These boat rides often include dinner and live music, creating an intimate setting for couples to relax and enjoy the cityscape from a unique perspective.

For a romantic night out in Prague, choose an evening cruise and you can watch the city float by while sharing a memorable meal together.

11. Watch the sunset from the Prague Metronome

One of the most popular spots for locals to hang out, which is also refreshingly free of tourists, is the Prague Metronome.

Located high up in Letná Park, this monument to the Czech people’s freedom is at a fantastic spot to see panoramic views of the city.

One of the most relaxing things to do in Prague for couples is to sit by the 75-foot-tall metronome and watch the sunset.

With it’s location to the north of the city centre, you can see the sun set to your right, casting brilliant colours over the city and silhouetting other landmarks like Petřín Tower.

The view from Letná Park in Prague with the sunsetting behind Petrin Hill
The view from Letná Park with the sun setting behind Petrin Hill

12. Visit an island full of nutria

One of the most unusual things to do in Prague for anyone looking to get off the beaten track is to see some of the surprising wildlife you can find right in the middle of the city.

Take a walk to Střelecký Island, situated in the centre of the Vlatava River. It’s amongst the most romantic locations in Prague, providing a quiet respite from the busy city amidst the shade of trees and having a great view north up the river to the Charles Bridge.

The island is also home to a population of very cute critters that live around the banks of the river – nutria. Also known as coypus, these large rodents are often mistaken for beavers due to their size and large front teeth.

You can find them all over the island and swimming in the river but don’t get too close as they can bite, and the official advice is to not feed them.

Nutria on the bank of the Vltava River in Prague
Nutria by the river in Prague

13. Follow a sculpture trail through the city

If you’re walking around Prague, it’s very likely that you’ll stumble across some of the weird and wonderful sculptures dotted around the city.

A fun activity for couples is to follow a sculpture trail, seeing as many as you can while exploring the city – it’s a great way to discover parts of Prague that you might otherwise have not seen.

Some of the most popular sculptures to visit are the several created by the Czech sculptor David Černý.

These include The Head of Franz Kafka, one of the most famous sculptures, and the amusing Streams, located outside the Kafka Museum.

The Streams sculpture by David Černý in Prague
Streams by David Černý

14. Explore the Jewish Quarter

One of the most historic parts of Prague that is worth having a walk around is the Jewish Quarter.

Located between the Old Town Square and the river, the area includes several synagogues and a 15th-century cemetery, which are fascinating places to visit to learn more about the history of the city’s Jewish population.

You can also find an interesting statue of Franz Kafka, commemorating the writer whose birthplace was in the Jewish Quarter.

The Kafka statue in the Jewish Quarter of Prague
The Kafka statue in the Jewish Quarter

15. Look around the Havelské Market

Havelské tržiště (Havelské Market) has been a feature of Prague since as far back as 1232, and still operates throughout week, every day except Sundays.

While the original market extended along other streets, you can still find many stalls here selling a range of products.

These range from souvenirs, if you want to treat yourselves to memento of your time in Prague, to stalls selling fruit and veg.

Romantic restaurants in Prague

Another of the best things to do in Prague for couples is to try some of the delicious local cuisine and many restaurants you can find in the city. Here are some of our favourites for a romantic meal out:


Lokal is a popular chain of restaurants across Czechia that serves hearty dishes, and because they’re frequented by locals it’s a great place to head to in order to immerse yourself in Czech culture.

You can try their homemade meals, including a tasty goulash, that are cooked all through the day and all at incredibly reasonable prices compared to some of the restaurants that you’ll find around the tourist hotspots in Prague.

The Lokal at Dlouhá in Prague is a great spot to try out. It’s not too far from the city centre but it doesn’t get too many tourists, and the casual atmosphere is great for a date night in Prague.

Address: Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Staré Město

Beef goulash from the Lokal at Dlouhá in Prague
Beef goulash at Lokal

Tiskárna Jindřišská

Another restaurant that offers local Czech cuisine is Tiskárna and, while there are two different locations in Prague, we enjoyed a meal out at the spot in Jindřišská.

The restaurant, along with offering a standard range of Czech dishes, also serve a selection of meals from classic Czech cookbooks, such as a delicious braised rabbit leg using a recipe from 1921.

Address: Jindřišská 940/22, 110 00 Nové Město

La Piccola Perla

You can find restaurants offering all sorts of different cuisines in the city, but one of the top Italian restaurants in Prague is La Piccola Perla.

With all the classic Italian dishes you could want, including pasta and pizzas, it’s the perfect spot to get your favourites and enjoy a romantic meal out.

Address: Perlová 412/1, 110 00 Staré Město

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