3 Best St Albans Pub Crawls

St Albans has one of the highest density of pubs of any city in the UK, with the centre being packed full of historic free houses that serve a range of delicious drinks, including some outstanding local ales.

The best way to sample some of the best pubs in St Albans is by heading out on a pub crawl, and the many options of places to stop at means that you can tailor your pub crawl to your exact desire.

We’ve put together a selection of brilliant St Albans pub crawls that are worth a try, although you’d be safer not to do them all on the same day!

Feel free to use these as suggestions, and you can mix and match as much as you like so you can plan your perfect pub crawl in St Albans.

Behind the bar at the Portland Arms in St Albans
Inside the Portland Arms – one of the many pubs in St Albans

1. The best St Albans pub crawl

Our favourite pub crawl involves exploring different parts of St Albans and ending in the city centre, and there’s enough distance between each stop to stretch your legs.

1. The Crown

Our first stop is The Crown. It’s the perfect meeting point to start a pub crawl in St Albans, being just around the corner from the station. It’s also opposite the Chilli Raj, one of the best Indian restaurants in St Albans, so you can line your stomach before you start drinking.

Inside, you’ll find a fantastic range of drinks, including some local ales. They also serve food here if you’re after some more traditional pub grub.

The Crown has plenty of seating inside, as well as a beer garden, so there’s lots of space for a big group to congregate before heading out to the next stop on the crawl.

2. The Horn

The next stop on this St Albans pub crawl is just a 5-minute walk up Stanhope Road and then over the railway bridge, where you’ll find The Horn.

The Horn is a lively venue that has been a cornerstone of St Albans’ music scene for decades, hosting a range of live music performances.

If you plan ahead, you can turn up and see a gig before continuing on, or you can just enjoy a drink from the bar.

3. The Victoria

From The Horn, continue down Victoria Street for a few minutes until you get to The Victoria (you’ll also pass the Robin Hood, a traditional English pub that can be an additional stop on the crawl).

The Victoria is a sports bar with several TVs showing live sports, and it offers a lively stop compared to some of the more traditional pubs on this St Albans pub crawl.

Even if you’re not interested in watching sports, the Victoria has one of the best beer gardens in St Albans, with sheltered cabins providing outdoor seating that’s perfect come rain or shine.

4. Farmers Boy

From Victoria, walk down Latimore Road and ahead of you, on the other side of London Road, you’ll see the next stop on the pub crawl – The Farmers Boy.

This small pub offers a large range of beers on draught, from all over the country and abroad, and at affordable prices too.

From here, it’s a simple matter of heading up to the city centre for the final stop on this pub crawl. However, there are a few others along London Road that you can try too, including the Great Northern, Beehive, and Peahen.

5. The Boot

Walk in the centre of St Albans and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs. You can choose whichever takes you fancy (or try several), but our pick for a final stop is The Boot.

Built in 1420, The Boot is not only one of the oldest pubs in St Albans but also the entire UK. You can tell its age by the low ceiling inside – if you’re particularly tall, you may have to stoop!

This quirky appearance, along with its location right by the beautiful and historic clocktower, makes it a unique place to drink and the perfect spot to sit and rest at the end of your pub crawl.

2. Historic St Albans pub crawl

One of the best things to do in St Albans is to discover what history this fascinating city has to offer, from the remains of the Roman settlement of Verulamium to the spectacular cathedral. 

However, there’s no better way to see more about the city’s history than by exploring many of its best and historic pubs. This St Albans pub crawl offers a fun (and boozy) way to see a range of great options:

  1. Six Bells. Located near Verulamium Museum and the Roman Theatre, this pub is in the perfect spot to grab a refreshment after learning more about the ancient history of St Albans.
  2. Portland Arms. Take a walk to this traditional Georgian pub where you’ll find a great beer garden with plenty of seating.
  3. Verulam Arms. On the way into the city centre, stop for a another drink at this other historic pub on Lower Dagnall Street.
  4. The Boot. Head into the centre of St Albans, past the clocktower, and to this 15th-century pub.
  5. Mad Squirrel Tap. Take a short walk and grab a drink at this bar where you can enjoy a local beer with a view of St Albans cathedral.
  6. Ye Olde Fighting Cocks. Head down the hill past the cathedral and towards Verulamium Park, where you can enjoy a pint at an establishment that claims to be the oldest pub in the UK.
  7. White Lion. If you want to continue your St Albans pub crawl, you can head over Holywell Hill and down Sopwell Lane where you’ll find this pub nestled within the picturesque terraced houses.
  8. Beehive. There are multiple spots where you can conclude this pub crawl, but the Beehive is one of our favourite spots around this part of the city and it’s just a few minutes from the White Lion.

3. City centre pub and bar crawl

If you’re after a pub crawl without too much walking, you’re in luck. There’s such a high density of places to drink around the city centre that you don’t need to go far, especially if you extend the pub crawl to include bars as well.

This is an especially great pub crawl if you want to begin your night with a meal out at one of the best restaurants in St Albans before heading out for several drinks.

You can do this the opposite way round, working from the other end of the high street to the other, but this begins at the south end, at the top of Holywell Hill:

  1. Peahen. This bar has a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of seating, making it a great spot to chill before setting out on your pub crawl.
  2. The Snug. For some fantastic cocktails, stop by this bar located just outside the clocktower.
  3. The Boot. Around the corner, enjoy a pint at this historic pub.
  4. White Swan. Take a turn down Upper Dagnell Street and you can listen to live music while you drink.
  5. The Beech House. Head along the high street and grab a drink at this lively bar, where they also do great food!
  6. The Cock. On the other side of the street, this pub is another great stop, and has a cosy beer garden too.
  7. The Blacksmiths Arms. You don’t have to go far for this one either, just cross the road and you can enjoy another drink to conclude this St Albans pub crawl.

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