How to Walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path

As one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Pembrokeshire, one of the best things to do in Saundersfoot is to explore the local scenery and see more of the coast by walking to Tenby.

Heading south down this part of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path takes you through lush woodlands and open fields, and offers spectacular views of the sea and coastline.

The Saundersfoot to Tenby walk takes approximately 2 hours to complete. As there are plenty of amazing things to do in and around Tenby, the walk can be the first stage of a very fun day out.

We completed this walk on a hot sunny day in August, when the ground was dry and the sky was almost cloudless, offering incredible vistas from the clifftops.

Parking in Saundersfoot

While Saundersfoot is a great place to stay for a holiday in Wales, if you’re coming from further afield there are plenty of car parks available in the small town. Just make sure to arrive early if you want to easily find a space during the busy summer period.

There are 3 car parks in Saundersfoot. One next to the harbour is a popular option right by the waterfront, while the car park off Brooklands Close is slightly nearer to the start of the walk. 

A third option is parking by Coast, a restaurant just to the north of the main beach in Saundersfoot. As it’s slightly further out of town, it will add 10 to 15 minutes more to your walk, but you then won’t have to drive through the small and often busy streets of Saundersfoot.

Saundersfoot to Tenby walk

If you’re planning on a Saundersfoot to Tenby walk and want to follow the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast Path, you can follow this guide to make sure you don’t stray far off-route:

1. Beginning the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk

Because Saundersfoot is relatively small, you can start the walk from any point in Saundersfoot. 

We began on Cambrian Place by the newly developed kiosks that form a central hub near the harbour. As we planned on having a picnic halfway through the walk, we picked up some lunch from Pembrokeshire Pasty and Pie Co, one of the best places to eat in Saundersfoot.

From there, head south Stammers Road then follow the bend of the B4316, the first major incline of the walk. The road will take you past St Brides Spa, after which you should turn off left down The Glen.

A view of Saundersfoot from the hill to the south
Head up the B4316 for a great view of Saundersfoot

This quiet road almost feels like being in Beverley Hills! Continue following The Glen downhill until you reach a gate and signpost directing you along the coastal path.

2. Onto the coastal path

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is well-signposted from here, so it’s easy to follow without a map. Just keep the sea to your left and you can’t go too wrong. If you want reassurance, the path is even demarcated on Google Maps so you can always check where you are.

A view back to Saundersfoot
Saundersfoot beach framed by trees

This first section of the walk takes you through luscious verdant woodlands, through which you can look back for glimpses of Saundersfoot beach. As you go, you might even spot some of the other more secluded beaches which are hidden away from the crowds.

One of the beaches you'll see on the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk
One of the secluded beaches you’ll spot

At one point the path will take you over a small bridge that crosses a tiny stream. There’s a bench that makes this a good point to have a rest, after which you can continue heading south.

A path down to a beach near Saundersfoot
Rest on the bench, or take a detour down to the beach

3. In view of Tenby

The path winds up and down the cliff, but at the end of one steep incline you’ll emerge from the woods into an open field. Follow the path around the edge as it takes you past a large aerial. Behind you, you’ll have views back to Saundersfoot.

Black sheep in a field near Saundersfoot
Some of the locals

But, one of the biggest treats is up ahead. Pass through the next gates and the rolling hill before you will give way to a spectacular vista of the Pembrokeshire coastline up ahead. 

You’ll be able to see the Tenby, with its distinctive headland. You may even be able to make out the multicoloured houses that line it seafront. On a clear day, you can even see Caldey Island on the horizon.

A view from the Pembrokeshire Coast Path of Tenby and Caldey Island
A lovely spot for lunch

As this is roughly the halfway point on this walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby, this is a great spot to sit and rest for a moment. The incredible view provides a perfect backdrop for a memorable picnic.

4. Further along the coastal path

Once you’re ready to set off again, head down the hill and continue along the coastal path. You’ll pass through another gate that takes you out of the field and back into woodland.

The path winds sharply down the side of a valley, so watch your footing. If you were missing the steep hills, don’t worry! Follow the signs at the bottom of the valley and you’ll soon have to climb back up the other side. In some cases, you might actually be better off scrambling up the hill, grabbing onto tree roots to help you on your way.

After this, the walk is less strenuous. It will take you along the clifftops with Tenby in view once more. Having sight of your destination will help to spur you on.

A view from the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk
Tenby looking a bit closer!

5. Past Waterwynch Bay

There’s one more big challenging hill before you get to Tenby, however. You’ll once again head down into a valley. At the bottom, you will cross a small stream and then head over Waterwynch Lane.

Going back up the other side of this valley will be the biggest strain on your calves during this walk. 

The path follows a long, straight incline which will seem endless at points. Just take it one step at a time, and don’t push yourself too hard. Stop for breaks if you need them. Once you’re at the top, you’re nearly done with hills!

6. The final stretch to Tenby

At the top of the long incline, you’ll discover a quiet garden which includes Allen’s View, a viewpoint from where you can look back on how far you’ve come. We could see the hill where we sat eating lunch!

Follow the path as it takes you back downhill one last time and you’ll soon see signs of civilisation once more. Head past a campsite and caravan park then onto The Croft. Stay on this road and it will take you along the seafront and right into Tenby.

Tenby North Beach
Tenby North Beach – a welcome sight

Things to do when you get to Tenby

Once you’ve made it to Tenby, you’ll deserve a rest with all the drink and food you could need to replenish yourself. Then, whether you plan to stay for a couple of hours or the rest of the day, it’s time to make the most of what this charming Welsh town has to offer.

Tenby town centre on a hot day
Tenby town centre on a hot day

To help plan your itinerary, you can read our blog on the best things to do in Tenby. Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Relax on one of the beaches
  • Get a boat to Caldey Island
  • See the view from Tenby Castle
  • Visit St Catherine’s island
  • Have a drink from Harbwr Brewery

Returning to Saundersfoot

If you’re aiming to return to Saundersfoot (e.g. if you’re staying there or have your car parked there), one way to get back is by retracing your steps along the coastal path.

However, if you don’t have time or are done with walking for the day (I don’t blame you!), the 352 bus will take you back to Saundersfoot for a small charge. There are also taxi companies available too.

Tenby to Saundersfoot walk

If you are up for a hike back to Saundersfoot from Tenby on the coast path, the route is simple to follow:

  1. From the North Beach in Tenby, follow the promenade northwards onto Waterwynch Lane and past Meadow Farm campsite.
  2. Continue uphill, heading along the footpath that forms the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. It will take you into woodlands and you’ll pass by Allen’s View, a stunning vantage point overlooking the coast.
  3. The path will take you steeply downhill, over a small stream, and then up the other side of the valley.
  4. Continue north. The path will follow the bend in the coastline and you’ll head through open fields which offer great views back to Tenby.
  5. Keep following the path back into the woodland. You’ll be near Monkstone Beach, one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire which you can make a detour to if you have time.
  6. Continue along the path north. It will take you through more wooded parts of the coast and over another stream, and before too long you’ll be able to see Saundersfoot through the trees.
  7. The path will take you onto a lane which you can follow up to a main road. This will lead past St Brides Spa, and then it’s a simple matter of heading downhill into the town centre.

What to bring when walking from Saundersfoot to Tenby

  • Water. As part of the walk is quite strenuous due to steep inclines, you’ll need to keep hydrated. This is especially true in the summer when it’s important to stay cool and refreshed.
  • Sturdy shoes. Trainers are just about okay during dry conditions, but having proper walking shoes or boots will be beneficial to help grip and climb the steepest sections of the walk.
  • Hat. If you’re doing this walk on a sunny summer day, make sure to bring a hat to keep the sun off you. Much of the walk is in shady woodlands, but once in the fields and on the clifftops you’ll be exposed to the weather.
  • Raincoat. It goes without saying for walks in the UK, but a raincoat should be one of the first things you pack in your rucksack, unless you’re really confident that the weather will stay dry.

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