7 Best Parks in St Albans

As a small city in the UK, St Albans is host to many great green spaces and parks. Whether you’re aiming to wear out the kids, take the dog for a walk, or try out some sports, there are always a few options of places to go within walking distance.

Read this blog to learn about all the best parks in St Albans.


One of the top attractions in St Albans is Verulamium park. Full of useful facilities and located close to the city centre, these 100 acres of green space are based on the site of the old Roman settlement Verulamium.

Not only are there many historical points of interest to explore, but also a splash park, outdoor gym, other sports facilities, and a cafe. If you fancy a pint, the park is right next to Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, one of the nicest pubs in St Albans.

The lake is the main feature of Verulamium park, which is home to many birds including herons. You can even take a stroll around the lake as part of a longer walk along the River Ver, and on the grass near the water is one of the most romantic things to do in Hertfordshire.

It’s also host to some of the best things to do in St Albans, including Pub in the Park, an annual festival that celebrates great food and music.

Verulamium Park in St Albans during winter
Verulamium Park in winter

Things to see and do in Verulamium Park

  • See the remains of Roman walls
  • Visit the Roman hypocaust and floor mosaic
  • Have fun at the splash park
  • Look around Verulamium Museum

Clarence Park

Further out from the city centre than Verulamium, Clarence is nestled in the heart of St Albans and enjoyed by many residents from the surrounding neighbourhoods like Fleetville. It’s one of the most popular dog-walking locations in the city for this reason.

Within this Victorian park is the home ground of the local football team, St Albans FC, so there is a lively atmosphere on Saturday afternoons when they are playing. There’s also a cricket ground and pavilion which provide a quintessentially British feeling to the park when a game’s being played in the summer.

Artificial sports pitches are available for public use without booking. In the winter, these can be used for football or hockey, but they are most popular in the summer when nets are put up for tennis.

One of the most notable features of the park is Verdi’s, one of the top Italian restaurants in St Albans which also serves food and drink to eat out from where it overlooks the park. They also serve ice cream if you’re after a sweet treat, as well as having a hydration station for thirsty dogs.

Clarence Park in St Albans on a sunny winters day
Clarence Park on a sunny winters day

Things to see and do in Clarence park

  • See the home of St Albans Football Club
  • Get a refreshment from Verdi’s
  • Shelter in the old bandstand

The Wick

Sandwiched between Sandpit Lane and Marshall’s Drive, The Wick is a local nature reserve with ancient semi-natural woodland, a meadow, a pond, and a small play area.

Within St Albans, there are few places that have such dense woods, and so it offers a great change of scenery to wander around and get lost in. It’s almost possible to forget you’re in a city.

The main field is also kept mowed, so it’s a good place to play games or wear out a dog. Just be careful – after any amount of rain it can get ready muddy!

Highfield Park

The second biggest park in St Albans after Verulamium is Highfield Park. Because it’s situated on the opposite side of the city from the town centre, it’s often overlooked, but there’s plenty there to explore.

Based on the grounds of the old Cell Barnes and Hill End Mental Health Hospitals, there are multiple gardens, two orchards, two woods, and sports pitches available to hire.

Highfield Park is also accessible through various walking and cycle routes that cut through residential areas such as the camp, so it’s the perfect destination for a small outing.

Fleetville Play Area

Referred to locally as simply the “Rec” (recreation area), this small park provides a useful green space for residents in the lively community of Fleetville.

With two play areas (one for younger children and the other for older children), it’s a popular choice for families to spend some time at. As it’s located right across from two schools, it can get very busy on weekday afternoons.

There’s a small field for kids to play in, and various cafes along Hatfield Road provide a range of refreshments if needed. But, if you’re after a longer play at the park, Clarence Park has much more play equipment and places to explore, and it’s just down the road.


Another smaller park in St Albans is Longacres. As it’s located just off the Alban Way, it can be a useful green space to stop off at as a family during a walk or cycle.

There’s a small play area and field, but for a bigger space it’s worth checking out Highfield Park which is nearby.

Longacres Park in St Albans, with a tree and play area in view.
Longacres Park

Jersey Farm Woodland Park

Right on the northern edge of the city is Jersey Farm Woodland Park. This large field is much quieter than other parks in St Albans, but it’s big enough to really stretch your legs walking around or when taking a dog out.

It’s also a great destination for a longer walk if you’re coming out from the city, which is one of our favourite St Albans walks. You can stroll along from the start of Jersey Lane to avoid many busy roads, and then follow this route all the way to the park.

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