In’t Nieuw Museum Review

Nestled within the historic streets of Bruges, a medieval city in the heart of Belgium that attracts millions of tourists every year, you can find a brilliant independent steakhouse – In’t Nieuw Museum.

Not only is In’t Nieuw Museum one of the best restaurants in Bruges, but it was also our favourite meal out when we visited this beautiful city.

The history of In’t Nieuw Museum

The restaurant, if you look it up on Google Maps, has a longer name: Bij Koen & Marijke – In’t Nieuw Museum. This encapsulates how down-to-earth and personal the establishment is; Koen and Marijke are the couple who own and run it, and they’re there to welcome you to their homey restaurant.

Since 1977, the restaurant has been using short-chain methods, sourcing meat locally from farmers close to Bruges, to cook some of the best and most sustainable beef in the city. They have close relationships with the farmers too so they can ensure that the animals are raised in as good conditions as possible.

The front of the In't Nieuw Museum in Bruges at night
Outside In’t Nieuw Museum


In’t Nieuw Museum is located on Hooistraat in the Sint-Anna Quarter, towards the eastern edge of the old town, and it’s not far from some of the best things to do in Bruges.

It’s a 10-minute walk out from the Market Square at the centre of the city, so while there might be plenty of other restaurants near the touristy hub around the Belfry, the distance is perfect for a short stroll in the evening. You’ll also appreciate the chance to walk your dinner off after, as you’ll likely feel stuffed at the end!


Not only are the hosts welcoming and friendly, you’ll also notice the warm and inviting atmosphere as soon as you step inside. This is in large part due to the warm fire of the wood-fired oven in which you can see the steak being cooked.

The interior of the restaurant itself is quaint and eccentrically decorated, with an assortment of odd and intriguing ornaments decorating its walls.


In’t Nieuw Museum has a small but delicious selection of appetisers, mains, and desserts that you can choose from, but if you make a reservation here you should really try the chef’s menu.

While the exact dishes can vary when you visit, each of the 3 courses we had was superb. We were also served a board of cold meats to begin with.

A board of smoked cured meat from In't Nieuw Museum in Bruges
Cold cuts as an appetiser

Camembert baked in their woodfired oven was our first course, and this delicious cheese was a perfect way to start the dinner.

Grilled camembert from In't Nieuw Museum in Bruges
Grilled camembert

Then, for the main, we had their ribeye westvlaams rood steak. This was cooked to perfection and incredibly juicy, with salt and peppercorn sauce (you can also choose a mushroom or roquefort sauce) making it even better. A generous serving of fries and salad meant we were left completely full by the end.

Steak, peppercorn sauce, salad, and fries from In't Nieuw Museum
Steak for two

Lastly, a light but satisfying tiramisu was the perfect dessert to bring the dinner to a close.


Not only do they is the food excellent, but the restaurant also has around 100 different beers to choose from, as well as many different wines and spirits.

Each dish on the menu has a recommended beer to accompany it, and if you’re getting the chef’s menu we recommend having the beer pairing to go along with it. Each course comes with a perfectly-matched beer – even the tiramisu comes with a deliciously chocolatey brew!


When you’re visiting Bruges and are in need of somewhere to eat, look no further than In’t Nieuw Museum. This brilliant restaurant should be on the top of your list of where to get a meal out, even if you’re only spending one day in Bruges. With friendly hosts, a cosy ambience, and great food, it has everything you could want.

Plus, while it’s a great place to go on any occasion, it’s a perfect venue for a date night as a couple. One of the most romantic things to do in Bruges is to book a table here and both get the chef’s menu, where you’ll be presented with the steak to share on a massive board.

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