Malvern Hills and British Camp Circular Walk

The Malvern Hills provide some of the best walking routes in the west of England. Straddling Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, the hills have incredible views of the surrounding countryside so they’re well worth the climb.

There are many routes up and around the Malvern Hills which offer their own benefits and may be appropriate depending on which direction you’re travelling from. However, we recommend following the Malvern Hills circular walk described in this guide to see some of the best sights in the area.

This guide will outline the route to take for this British Camp circular walk in the Malvern Hills, the highlights to look out for, and how to get there.

A view from the Malvern Hills during the British Camp circular walk
Views from the walk

British Camp circular walk guide

Despite being a relatively short route, this circular walk takes you to a peak with some of the best views around. Plus, it starts and ends at a car park so it’s straightforward to get to.

British Camp car park

To start the walk, begin at the British Camp car park. Located on the A449, there’s a small cafe right across the road as well as public toilets, so you’re well-served with amenities before you begin the walk.

Being just a 30-minute drive from Worcester and a 35-minute drive from Gloucester, the car park is quick and easy to get to.

Heading uphill

From the British Camp car park, go through the gates at the southwest corner and follow the path as it heads through the woods and uphill.

At one point, you’ll come to a fork in the path. The right will lead straight uphill, but for this circular walk you’ll want to stay left as the path follows the contours along a more gradual incline.

Views of British Camp Reservoir

As you continue along the path, it’ll head out of the trees and into the open air, where you’ll get your first good views westwards over the fields of Worcestershire and all the way to the Cotswolds.

The path will continue leading you higher and higher up the hill, from where you’ll be able to see the British Camp Reservoir partway down the slope.

British Camp Reservoir in the Malvern Hills
British Camp Reservoir

Looping up to the ridge

Keep heading uphill until you meet another path that leads off right, up closer to the top of the hill.

The footpath will almost seem like it’s turning back on itself, taking you back north, but this time it keeps taking you along a steeper route until you’re right on the ridge with great views in every direction.

Alternatively, you can first take a slight detour south to see the Malvern Hills “Giant’s Cave”, an impressive cavern in the hillside.

The view southeast from the Malvern Hills near British Camp
The view southeast

Onto British Camp

Continuing along the ridge, you’ll end up walking onto British Camp, the remains of a bronze-age hill fort.

With panoramic views of the surrounding area, including down into Wynds Point, the pass between British Camp and Black Hill, this is a great place to stop for a rest.

As this is very much the apex of the British Camp circular walk, take as long as you like to take in the view. On a dry day, it’s a lovely spot to sit with a picnic on the grass, and as you’ve done most of the hard work you can enjoy it without worrying about the walk back down.

Looking along the ridge towards British Camp in the Malvern Hills
The view along British Camp

The return downhill

When you’re ready to head back to the start, you can keep following the paved path along the ridge. There are stairs that provide a more direct route down than the way up, so you’ll soon end up back at a familiar fork in the path with the car park only a short distance away.

Nearby facilities and amenities

One of the best things about this British Camp circular walk is that there are plenty of facilities and places to get refreshments nearby.

Right across the road from the British Camp car park you’ll find Sally’s Place, a cafe where you can get hot and cold drinks, snacks, and ice-cream. There are also public toilets just behind it too.

Opposite the cafe is The Malvern Hills Hotel & Restaurants, a 3-star hotel with seating outside which is a fantastic place to eat after a walk on a hot day.

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