5 Best Turkish Restaurants in St Albans

St Albans is full of fantastic restaurants of all varieties. But if you’re a lover of Turkish food like we are, you might be interested in knowing what the best Turkish restaurants in St Albans are.

Whether you’re to share some mezes, demolish a kebab, or dig into a shakshouka, there are plenty of options available that provide all of these favourite dishes, but each has its own individual strengths. Here are our top Turkish restaurants in St Albans.

A platter of Turkish food, with a selection of kebabs and vegetables
Delicious Turkish cuisine!

1. Tabure

Labelled a “Modern Turkish kitchen”, Tabure provides some of the excellent Turkish cuisine (and food full stop) in St Albans. With its focus on being a welcoming location to share great food with friends and family, Tabure should be at the top of your list if you’re eating out. 

As one of the best restaurants in St Albans, Tabure offers a warm atmosphere with a brilliant range of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. The menu is designed for each person to select 2-3 dishes each and share with the table.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choice and need somewhere to start, don’t pass on the kesket. This barley risotto with organic pulled lamb is a delicious treat.


2. Ayo’s 

This family restaurant, named after the owners’ great-grandfather, has one of the most exciting dining areas out of all the Turkish restaurants in St Albans. The modern glass extension offers views out to the church across the street, which are particularly beautiful once the lights come on in the evening.

With live singers on weekends and the capability to cater for large groups, Ayo’s offers a lively ambience unlike any other.

In terms of food, Ayo’s has a menu influenced by the Kurdish region of Turkey, making their offering even more unique.


3. Aspava

Situated in the Alban Arena at the heart of the city, Aspava is a recent addition to St Albans that’s the perfect option if you’re going out to see a show.

Aspava has everything you need from a Turkish, from cold and hot mezes to grilled meat and various fish dishes. With their location in the centre of town, the restaurant is also a great option if you need somewhere to stop for lunch during a day out shopping.


4. Havin

Havin aims to bring you an authentic Turkish experience with its mix of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices sourced from Turkey, and lavish decor.

Located opposite the St Albans clock tower, Havin has a special atmosphere and is particularly worth trying if the weather’s warm and you can grab a table outside. 

Check out one of the chef’s specials if you’re undecided – the lamb shank is especially good!


5. Megan’s At The Old Bell

As part of a chain already popular in London and continuing to expand, Megan’s is well-known for its bottomless brunches but its roots are in Turkish cuisine.

With dishes including a selection of grills, kebabs, shakshouka, and more, Megan’s is very much inspired by Turkish food but provides its own twist. Their very tasty open kebabs, for example, use a pitta that is more like a doughy flatbread than one you’d find in a more traditional Turkish restaurant.

If you want to try a variation on classic Turkish food, or if you’d like to have a choice of cocktails to accompany your meal, Megan’s is one of the best options out there.


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