10 Best Restaurants in Rome

Rome is known for its fascinating culture, beautiful streets, and famous landmarks like the Colosseum, but another thing that attracts visitors from all around the world is its food.

Wherever you find yourself in Italy’s capital, a delicious meal will be only a stone’s throw away. There’s often a delicious eatery on every street.

It’s hard to go wrong when picking a place to eat in the city, but to make sure you’re visit is as special as possible we’ve picked out some of the best restaurants in Rome.

1. Gino Sorbillo Roma

There are countless options if you’re looking to enjoy a pizza in Rome, but for one of the best options you should look no further than Gino Sorbillo Roma.

Originating in Naples, the popularity of this pizzeria allowed it to spread throughout Italy and even to a few locations abroad.

The restaurant in Rome is a great spot to have dinner, being located right around the corner from the Mausoleum of Augustus. If you’ve been exploring the many things to do in Villa Borghese, this restaurant is a great place to swing by while walking back into the centre of the city.

For the best Neapolitan pizza in Rome, don’t pass over Gino Sorbillo Roma!

Pizza from Gino Sorbillo Roma
Pizza from Gino Sorbillo Roma

2. Osteria da Fortunata

The popularity of Osteria da Fortunata cannot be overstated, and it’s quite obvious just how many visitors it gets by the fact that it has multiple locations all clustered together around Campo de’ Fiori, including two just across the street from each other!

Its known for offering some of the best pasta in Rome, and you can even watch it being freshly made.

Osteria da Fortunata aims to provide a truely authentic Roman cuisine with a relaxed atmosphere, so it should definitely be on your list of best restaurants in Rome.

There’s no booking system either, so we’d recommend leaving early enough to secure a seat or having enough time to wait patiently for space to open up.

A ragu pasta dish from Osteria da Fortunata in Rome
A ragu pasta dish from Osteria da Fortunata

3. Tonnarello

Another restaurant that rivals Osteria da Fortunata in terms of authenticity and atmosphere is Tonnerello.

Not only is the food delicious (which goes without saying really) but it’s also located in Trastevere, arguably the most beautiful neighbourhood in Rome. Having dinner here and then exploring the streets at night is one of the best things to do in Rome for couples.

If you’re visiting, you should try one of their pasta dishes. They use tonnarelli, a spaghetti-like pasta that’s typical of Roman cuisine.

Having this pasta with a classic Roman sauce, like cacio e pepe or amatriciana, is the perfect way to enjoy a meal out in Rome.

You can sit outside in the scenic streets or inside one of the multiple buildings owned by the restaurant – both options make for a special evening out.

Tonnarello is popular with tourists and locals alike, so you may have to queue for a table, but the food is definitely worth the wait!

Amatriciana pasta from Tonnarello in Rome
Pasta amatriciana from Tonnarello

4. Papa’s Cafè

For a quieter experience without needing to queue, some of the best restaurants in Rome can be discovered down its scenic alleyways, slightly off the beaten track and away from the more touristy areas.

That’s how we found Papa’s Cafè. Located close to our hotel on Via dell’Orso, a short walk from Piazza Navona and the River Tiber, this family-run restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere to unwind after a long day exploring the city.

We recommend the penne al salmone for a dish that never disappoints, although you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

Papa’s Cafè is also open early, so it’s also a great spot if you’re looking to grab breakfast in Rome.

Penne al salmone from Papa's Cafe in Rome
Penne al salmone from Papa’s Cafè

5. Trapizzino

A popular place to eat in Rome for both tourists and locals is Trapizzino, home to one of the yummiest treats in the city – trapizzini.

This delicious street food comes in the form of a triangular pizza pocket with a range of fillings to choose from. We loved it with polpetta al sugo, a gorgeous meatball with tomato sauce.

There are multiple locations in Rome, but we’d recommend heading to the one by Piazza Trilussa in the heart of Trastevere. On a sunny day, there’s no better way to enjoy the food than by sitting in the piazza overlooking the Tiber.

While Trapizzino is known for its street food, you can sit inside or eat at the counter (like a true Roman). Plus, they’re open late if you fancy a bite to eat after an evening out.

A pizza pocket from Trapizzino
A pizza pocket from Trapizzino

6. Bernini

Piazza Navona is often a hotspot of activity for visitors to the city, and while it’s now well-known for being full of tourist traps, that doesn’t mean you should write off every restaurant located there.

The beauty and atmosphere of the piazza make it a great spot for a meal out and, when we visited, our favourite restaurant in Piazza Navona was Bernini.

Being in the corner of the piazza, this restaurant gives you a great view of all the activity happening while also being tucked away from the bustle of crowds that gather around the nearby fountains.

Bernini provides all the dishes you could want, including Roman favourites like cacio e pepe.

The location of this restaurant is also handy if you’ve been exploring some of the best free things to do in Rome, such as looking around Piazza Navona itself or visiting the nearby Pantheon.

Ravioli from Bernini in Rome
Ravioli from Bernini

7. Ce Stamo a Pensà

A short walk from the Colosseum, around Via Calour, there are many fantastic places to eat, whether you’re looking to grab lunch or sit down for dinner.

It’s here that we stumbled upon Ce Stamo a Pensà. There’s seating inside, or you can take away your food to enjoy it with a view of the Colosseum nearby.

They do a fantastic range of classic Italian food, from pizzas to paninis. Plus, being a southern Italian restaurant, they’re one of the best places in Rome to get arancini!

The menu outside Ce Stamo a Pensà in Rome
The menu outside Ce Stamo a Pensà

8. Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Campo de’ Fiori is a famous square in Rome, known for hosting a busy market throughout the week. It’s much smaller than Piazza Navona, but it has some great places to eat.

This includes Forno Campo de’ Fiori, where you can try out their freshly-baked suppli and Roman-style pizza. It’s a constant hub of activity, being a popular spot for locals to grab lunch.

While there’s no seating inside, you can take your food and sit at The Drunken Ship, a bar opposite Forno Campo de’ Fiori that offers a fantastic range of drinks.

Roman-style pizza from Forno Campo de’ Fiori in Rome
Roman-style pizza from Forno Campo de’ Fiori

9. Antico Forno

Another great place to try Roman-style pizza is Antico Forno on Via del Banco di Santo Spirito.

This classic Italian eatery is the perfect spot to get a bite to eat after exploring the nearby Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona, or if you’ve had a visit to the Vatican and are on the way back to the centre of Rome.

There’s a range of food on offer here and the pizza slices are sold by weight, so you can have as much or as little as you like, depending on how hungry you are!

It’s located just down from Ponte Sant’Angelo, so you can also take your food away and enjoy it while admiring the view of Castel Sant’Angelo across the river.

10. Caffetteria Ristorante Le Terrazze

One of the most unique places to eat in Rome is the Caffetteria Ristorante Le Terrazze located at Castel Sant’Angelo.

Much more than your usual museum cafe, this is a great spot to pause while exploring the popular tourist attraction. With paninis, suppli, and coffee available, you can relax a while and refuel before continuing to look around the castle.

Better yet, you can sit outside and enjoy your delicious food next to the walls of the castle, from where you can get some of the best views in Rome.

Suppli from Caffetteria Ristorante Le Terrazze in Rome with a view of St Peter's Basilica
Suppli from Caffetteria Ristorante Le Terrazze with a view of St Peter’s Basilica

Best Roman food to try

When in Rome, there are a few local dishes that you’ve got to try out. These are the most popular ones we’d recommend:

  • Suppli is the Roman equivalent of arancini (which originates from Sicily). These fried balls of rice come with a range of fillings and are perfect as a light snack or as part of a delicious lunch. 
  • Cacio e pepe simply means cheese and pepper and is a classic pasta dish from Rome. It uses pecorino cheese and black pepper, with tonnarelli being the most traditional pasta to have it with. You will also find cacio e pepe is a common filling for suppli.
  • Amatriciana is another classic Roman pasta dish, and so there’s no better place to try it than during a visit to Rome!
  • Roman-style pizza, unlike Neapolitan pizza, is often served in rectangular slices which make for a great takeaway dish.

Best places in Rome for gelato

Now that we’ve covered some of the best restaurants in Rome, you might also be interested in tasting one of the tastiest treats in Italy – gelato! Here are some of our favourite places to get gelato in Rome:

  • Gelateria tre Fontane
  • Flor Gelato
  • Mastro Cono
  • Frigidarium

Rome Restaurant FAQs

Do you need to tip in Rome?

Tipping isn’t expected in restaurants, so there’s no need to worry about it unless you think there’s some good service that deserves it! Some restaurants in Rome do add a service charge to the bill, especially in more touristy areas, in which case there’s no need to add a tip, plus you can always ask this to be removed.

What time do restaurants close in Rome?

Restaurants in Rome are usually open from 6 pm to cater for tourists, although locals often won’t have dinner until later. Restaurants, therefore, are often open until late, with some still serving until 1 am.

What is the best restaurant in Rome?

Deciding on the best restaurants in Rome comes down to personal preference, but our absolute favourites were Tonnarello if you want to try classic Roman cuisine or Papa’s Cafè if you’re after a less touristy dining experience.

How to avoid tourist restaurants in Rome

The easiest way to avoid tourist traps in Rome is to do research ahead of time and avoid popular tourist areas like Piazza Navona. Don’t be afraid to wander the quieter streets of the city in search of the best places to eat, or check online for recommendations from locals.

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