10 Best Restaurants in Peterborough

From spicy Indians to tasty grills, there are many great places to eat in Peterborough. This small city in the heart of the UK has a bustling centre full of options for a memorable meal out.

Whether you’re looking to book somewhere to eat with friends, family, colleagues, or a partner, read on to discover the best restaurants in Peterborough.

1. Tap and Tandoor

One of the best Indian restaurants in Peterborough is Tap and Tandoor, an eatery that combines great food with amazing drinks – as the name suggests!

With a sizzling selection of spicy curries, you’ll be well satisfied by your choice of where to eat in Peterborough.

The bindi chana is an especially good option if you want a vegetarian meal that’s a bit different from the usual selections. Just be warned – it has a lot of heat!

2. Argo Lounge

One of the most chilled places to get food or have a drink in Peterborough is Argo Lounge, a cafe and bar located right around the corner from the cathedral, one of the best places to visit in Peterborough.

The front of Argo Lounge at night, one of the best restaurants in Peterborough
Argo Lounge in Peterborough

With plenty of tables and uniquely cosy decor, it’s easy to spend a lot of time inside relaxing and chatting. It’s open late too, and one of the best things to do in Peterborough as a couple is to see the cathedral just around the corner and then grab a drink together in the evening.

They do a wide range of food, but the best options are their selection of tapas dishes. So, even if you’re not hungry, you can just stop by for a couple of drinks or get a light snack.

3. The Pizza Parlour

There are a few good Italian restaurants in Peterborough, but The Pizza Parlour is among the best.

It has a casual feel with a buzzing atmosphere, and the food is tasty whatever you pick. But, as the name suggests you should really try out the pizza, prepared fresh and cooked in their wood-fired pizza oven.

But what the cafe does better than any other in the city is live music. If you’re looking for something with a different vibe, make sure to book a table when they’ve got an event on, such as karaoke or one of their themed nights.

4. Cock Inn

In Werrington Village, a beautifully scenic area of Peterborough north of the city centre, there are several great places to eat, including pubs such as the Cock Inn.

It’s one of the best places in Peterborough to get a tasty Sunday roast, but they also offer a range of other tasty lunch and dinner options from classic pub grub to other options like tapas or nachos.

With a welcoming atmosphere, as well as a pub garden open in summer, the Cock Inn is always a great place to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

Loaded nachos from the Cock Inn in Werrington, Peterborough
Nachos from the Cock Inn

5. The Queen’s Head

Located right across from St John the Baptist Church in the centre of Peterborough, The Queen’s Head is a pub that aims to be a “neighbourhood hangout” for those living in and visiting the city.

As a pub, it serves a range of great drinks, including local beers from Brewpoint brewery in Bedford.

They also have a delicious food menu, with a wood-fired oven that creates gorgeous pizzas that rival those of the Pizza Parlour. Their other options include multiple small plates and dishes that are perfect for sharing.

6. Wildwood

Offering pizza, pasta, and grilled meat, Wildwood can be a great option for bigger groups with different tastes.

The Philly cheesesteak sandwich at Wildwood

Located at Cathedral Square, the Wildwood in Peterborough is perfectly situated for a memorable get-together.

A small pizza from Wildwood in Peterborough
A pizzeta from Wildwood – great for a lighter bite to eat!

Try out one of their small pizzas if you want a lighter meal, or have the Philly cheese steak sandwich for something different.

Because of the range of options, it’s great for kids and fussy eaters. If you’re in need of other recommendations for little ones, check out our blog of top activities in Peterborough for familes.

7. Turtle Bay

For a taste of the Caribbean, look no further than Turtle Bay. While this popular chain of bars is best known for many amazing cocktails and 2 for 1 drinks, it’s also a great place to eat out in Peterborough.

With their Caribbean-infused menu, Turtle Bay offers a range of dishes that are different from what’s offered by many other restaurants in the city.

Jerk chicken is always a great choice to go for, and we’d highly recommend the curry goat. Just be prepared for the spice!

Curry goat from Turtle Bay in Peterborough
Curry goat from Turtle Bay

8. Franco Manca

Another option for pizza in Peterborough is Franco Manca, a chain that gained popularity in recent years and has spread across the country.

Using a sourdough that dates back to the late 18th century, Franco Manca offers a different style of pizza to your usual options.

Their other ingredients are carefully sourced with a focus on sustainability and authenticity, meaning that any pizza you choose will feel like a tasty treat!

9. Fratelli’s

Located in the Riverside Arcade, Fratelli’s (or Fratelli Tavola Calda) is one of the best Italian restaurants in Peterborough, and amongst the standout eateries in the city.

The relaxed atmosphere includes a deli counter, helping to create a casual feel during the day and a cosy vibe in the evening.

You can even get breakfast here, and throughout the day they offer all your favourite Italian dishes, from lasagne to a range of pizzas.

10. The Banyan Tree

If you’re after Indian food, The Banyan Tree is one of the top options, and it’s located right in the city centre along Westgate right by the Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Specializing in Pan-Asian cuisine, The Banyan Tree offers a vibrant menu featuring dishes from various Asian countries, so it offers more than just the usual curry options.

There’s also a tasting menu where you can enjoy the chef’s specially-picked dishes, which is a perfect way to treat yourself as a part of a meal out in Peterborough.

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