13 Best Restaurants in Norwich

In the heart Norfolk, the lovely city of Norwich has lots to offer for those who live there and for visitors. The rich history, spectacular landmarks, and beautiful city centre provide plenty of things to do in Norwich for couples, families, and other travellers in the area.

What Norwich also has in abundance is fantastic restaurants. Within and around the picturesque cobbled streets, you can find many incredible independent eateries, whether you’re after hearty pub grub, a romantic meal out, or a tasty lunch in between a day exploring the city.

1. The Mediterranean

On Magdalen Street, a short stroll from the city centre, you will find The Mediterranean. You can guess what sort of food it serves by the name, and it’s arguably the best place to go in Norwich if you’re after Mediterranean or Turkish cuisine.

They have a large menu with lots of variety, but their specialities include grills and kebabs that are well worth trying, such as a classic chicken shish.

Chicken kebab from The Mediterranean in Norwich
Food from The Mediterranean

2. The Lamb Inn

For some classic pub grub right in the heart of Norwich, look no further than Lamb Inn. Tucked away in a little courtyard close to the market, it’s easy to walk past and miss it, but the location only serves to make it a much more relaxing spot to eat and drink.

As a pub, there’s of course a lot of refreshments on offer, including plenty of great local ales. But for food they do all the usual pub favourites, such as some very tasty pies. If you want a Sunday roast in Norwich, they should also be at the top of your list.

A delicious pie at the Lamb Inn in Norwich
A delicious pie at the Lamb Inn

3. The Georgian Townhouse

On the edge of the city centre, The Georgian Townhouse offers an escape from the bustle of Norwich.

The venue is a gorgeous building with Georgian-style interiors that provide the perfect setting for a memorable meal out. They also have rooms available if you’re looking for places to stay in Norwich.

A roast beef dinner from The Georgian Townhouse in Norwich
A roast beef dinner from The Georgian Townhouse

4. Gonzo’s Tea Room

Don’t let the name fool you, Gonzo’s Tea Room won’t be a top spot for a classic afternoon tea. Its speciality instead is the homemade burgers that are accompanied by large servings of fries and coleslaw.

Gonzo’s is very much a hidden gem in Norwich and somewhere that can be easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. From the outside, it looks rather unassuming, with a main entrance that looks like it belongs more to a nightclub.

Take a look inside, however, and you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a secret world. Make a reservation to eat and you’ll even discover what we consider the best burgers in Norwich.

Burger and chips from Gonzo's Tea Room in Norwich
It may look messy, but these burgers are gorgeous!

5. Grosvenor Fish Bar

The best place for fish and chips in Norwich is Grosvenor Fish Bar. Having served the city for nearly 100 years, it should be on the top of your list of places to eat, even if it’s only for a light bite.

They have all the classics you could want from a fish and chip shop, as well as interesting classics if you’re after something slightly different.

They also have a lot of seating in their uniquely-decorated downstairs area, so eating is also an option. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Norwich, don’t pass up on Grosvenor Fish Bar.

6. Pinnocchio’s

Possibly the best Italian restaurant in Norwich, Pinocchio’s is a great option if you’re craving one of your favourite pizza or pasta dishes.

If you’re in need of a recommendation, you can’t go wrong with their lasagne, but all their dishes feel like deliciously authentic Italian treats.

A pizza from Pinnocchio's in Norwich
One of Pinnocchio’s tasty pizzas

7. Rooftop Gardens

For a meal with a view, there’s no better option than the Rooftop Gardens at the top of the Union Building on Rose Lane. 

Offering 360-degree panoramic views of Norwich and significant landmarks like the castle, cathedral, and Carrow Road, you’ll have a completely unique perspective of the city while you eat.

In terms of food, they have something for every occasion, including tasty nibbles like camembert bites for a smaller snack as well as main like steak or seabass for a filling meal.

Cheesecake at the Rooftop Gardens in Norwich
Cheesecake at the Rooftop Garden

8. Ed’s Diner

For a classic Americana vibe, no place in Norwich does it better than Ed’s Diner. Located at the top of Chapelfield Shopping Centre, this eatery is styled to appear like a 1950s American diner, and it has all the food you’d expect to go with it.

Along with some delicious burgers, it’s also one of the best places in the city for a traditional hotdog. These tasty meals also come with fries, onion rings, and coleslaw, giving them everything you could want.

To top it all off, Ed’s Diner also has some of the nicest milkshakes around, so make sure not to miss out.

Hotdog, fries, onion rings, and coleslaw at Ed's Diner in Norwich
They don’t skimp on the trimmings at Ed’s Diner

9. Moorish Falafel Bar

The Moorish Falafel Bar specialises, unsurprisingly, in falafels. It has two locations in the city, a testament to how popular it is with the locals.

This vegan eatery is one of the best places to get lunch in Norwich, and you can either grab a seat inside or take your food away. After all, falafel is street food!

Their falafels come either in a wrap or as a salad bowl, and their hummus alone is worth trying. To wash it all down, we recommend having a refreshing glass of their homemade Moorish lemonade.

Falafel and pitta from the Moorish Falafel Bar in Norwich
Falafel in pitta along with a refreshing lemonade

10. The Belgian Monk

For a different cuisine than that provided anywhere else in Norwich, try the Belgian Monk. Located in a historic building in the lanes, this pub and restaurant offers a unique experience in the city, bringing you the delicious tastes of Belgium.

From traditional Belgian dishes like mussels and beef stew to the 80 different beers on offer, a visit here makes for a fantastic night out.

11. Middletons Steakhouse & Grill

With locations all around East Anglia, Middletons provides one of the best options in Norwich if you’re after a classic steak.

With a relaxed and premium feel inside, you couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere to enjoy some of the nicest cuts of meats in the city, with plenty of grills, burgers, and fresh fish available so there’s something for everyone.

12. Walsingham Farms Shop Market Stall

There are lots of great places to eat in Norwich Market, with stalls covering an assortment of cuisines from Chinese to Italian.

Not many are as tasty as the market stall run by Walsingham Farms Shop. With produce sourced from farmland in north Norfolk, there are a few things on offer worth trying, but nothing more than their delicious meat pie, mash and gravy.

Pie and mash from Norwich Market
Pie and mash from Norwich Market

13. Castle Carvery

Head a bit further out of the city centre down Dereham Road and you can find Castle Carvery, one of the best places in Norwich for a filling roast dinner on any day of the week.

As a carvery, food is served buffet-style and you can keep going up for more as much as your heart desires, so there’s no chance of going hungry!

A roast dinner with two Yorkshire puddings from Castle Carvery in Norwich
Two Yorkshire puddings – I’m sure no one’s judging!

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