10 Best Restaurants in Bruges

Located in the heart of Belgium, Bruges is a popular city for tourists to visit from all over the world. The medieval streets, scenic canals, and famous landmarks are good enough reasons to visit this beautiful city, but it’s also full of fantastic places to eat.

There are few better places to try authentic Belgian chocolate and beer or explore local delicacies such as mussels or Flemish beef stew. One of the best things to do in Bruges is discover all the different delicious food this beautiful city has to offer.

Whether you’re a foodie looking to sample popular Belgian dishes or just want to tuck into a tasty meal, here are the best restaurants in Bruges.

Best restaurants and places to eat in Bruges

From independent restaurants to small cafes and other establishments, we’ve tried all of these places to eat in Bruges and they’re all worth checking out if you’re visiting the city.

1. In’t Nieuw Museum

The first location that should be at the top of your list to head to for dinner is In’t Nieuw Museum. This utterly unique location is our favourite restaurant in Bruges.

Owned and managed by a couple, Koen & Marijke, who are friendly and inviting. Their establishment is cosy, with a roaring fire that creates a warm and homey atmosphere, as well as being there to cook your dinner!

In’t Nieuw Museum is primarily a steakhouse, and they source their meat through short-chain methods so you can be sure it’s as ethical and sustainable as possible.

We recommend getting the chef’s menu with the added beer pairing. Each course – camembert, rib eye steak (cooked on their woodfired grill), then tiramisu – comes accompanied by a perfectly-paired Belgian beer.

One of the most romantic things to do in Bruges is to have the chef’s menu together in this excellent restaurant, as you’ll get to share the large steak, fries, and salad that come served on one big board.

The restaurant is popular, so make sure to book well in advance to ensure that you can reserve a table. You can also read our review of In’t Nieuw Museum to find out more.

If you’re only spending one day in Bruges, having dinner here is the perfect way to round out your day.

Address:  Hooistraat 42, 8000 Bruges

A shared steak dinner from In't Nieuw Museum, one of the best restaurants in Bruges.
Steak for two at In’t Nieuw Museum

2. Oud Brugge

Another independent restaurant that offers an authentic taste of Belgium is Oud Brugge. Located just off from the main market square, 2 minutes away from the Belfry, we discovered this brasserie by chance, but we’re glad we did!

The typical Flemish menu is varied enough to give you plenty of options, but we recommend trying the Flemish beef stew if you’re after a hearty and traditional dinner.

With a welcoming staff member and a quiet, serene atmosphere, Oud Brugge is the perfect place to relax with a tasty meal after a long day exploring Bruges.

Address: Sint-Amandsstraat 12, 8000 Brugge

Flemish beef stew from Oud Brugge in Bruges
Flemish beef stew from Oud Brugge

3. The Olive Tree

For a different type of cuisine, look no further than The Olive Tree. This family-run restaurant offers arguably the best Greek and Mediterranean food in the city, so it’s not a surprise that it’s one of the most popular places to eat in Bruges.

The Olive Tree offers everything you could want from a good Greek-Mediterranean cuisine: fresh dips, juicy olives, scrumptious bread, and succulent meat.

Being right in the shadow of the Belfry of Bruges makes this a great spot for dinner right in the heart of the city, so make sure to book ahead and enjoy what The Olive Tree has to offer!

Address: Wollestraat 3, 8000 Brugge

Greek food from The Olive Tree in Bruges
Meze from The Olive Tree

4. La Gondola

There are several great Italian restaurants in Bruges, but take a short walk out from the Markt and you’ll find La Gondola down a secluded street, Oude Burg.

Bruges itself is known by some as the “Venice of the North”, so it’s fitting that one of the best Italians in the city is a Venician-style establishment.

If you’re craving one of your favourite pizzas or pasta dishes, make sure to drop by La Gondola. 

Address: Oude Burg 22, 8000 Brugge

Lasagna and pizza from La Gondola in Bruges
Lasagne from La Gondola

5. Casa Patata

If you’re in Bruges, you can’t pass up on the opportunity to treat yourself to one of the most popular local dishes – Belgian frites!

While there are plenty of places to get a serving of these tasty fries, Casa Patata is should be at the top of your list of where to stop by.

They have a range of serving sizes, in addition to various toppings (including chilli) if you’re after having some loaded fries. Their frites are so good that you can enjoy them on their own with a serving of their delicious fritessaus.

There are a few places to sit inside, but one of the best aspects of Casa Patata is its location. It’s right next to the Rosary Quay, one of the most popular photo spots in Bruges, so you can take your frites out and enjoy the view, or continue exploring the scenic streets while you snack.

Address: Rozenhoedkaai 6, 8000 Brugge

Frites and fritessaus in Bruges
Frites with fritessaus

6. De Carré

Some of the best places to eat in Bruges are in Markt, the old market square, because of the views of the beautiful buildings lining the plaza and the iconic Belfry towering over it.

Amongst these, De Carré is one of the nicest places to sit with a meal or just a drink. It has plenty of outdoor seating where you can look straight out across the market square and the Belfry.

It’s a perfect spot to stop for a refreshing drink, but their food menu is great for a replenishing lunch or dinner, with plenty of different dishes including Belgian specialities such as waterzooi.

Address: Markt 26, 8000 Brugge

Two beers on a table in the Markt in Bruges with the Belfry in view
Beers at De Carré with a view of the Belfry

7. Chez Albert

While frites, mussels, and Flemish stews might be on your list to try, those of you with a sweet tooth are sure to be wanting to try one of the other famous Belgian treats – waffles.

You won’t be left wanting for choice of places to grab a delicious waffle, but a popular option is the Chez Albert on Breidelstraat, just around the corner from the Stadhuis.

There’s often a queue here which tells you everything you need to know about how good their waffles are!

They have a choice of toppings too. We recommend going all out and getting ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce.

Address: Breidelstraat 16, 8000 Brugge

Waffle with ice cream from Chez Albert in Bruges
A Belgian waffle from Chez Albert

8. Zet’Joe

As the Michelin guide states, “Zet’Joe is a little bit like walking into the chef’s home”, and this fantastic restaurant is the perfect choice for a refined meal out in Bruges.

Zet’Joe is a 11 Michelin-star restaurant that stands out as a premier dining establishments in the city, presenting an exquisite selection of French cuisine that tantalises the taste buds.

Featuring a harmonious blend of timeless classics and innovative contemporary creations that you can try through three distinct menus: Le Plat Pays, Brugge die Scone, or the à la carte menu.

Each of these menus provides a delightful array of 2 to 3 choices per course, including delectable vegetarian options for those with dietary preferences.

Address: Langestraat 11, 8000 Brugge

9. Het Rand

For a different cuisine to any of the other Bruges restaurants on this list, pay a visit to Het Rand on Hallestraat, just around the corner from the Belfry.

As a South African brasserie, you’ll have the chance to try a range of dishes which might not be so familiar to you, such as biltong and potjie.

You’ll also be able to try some of the South African gins on offer in the bar located in the cellar below the restaurant.

Address: Hallestraat 14, Bruges 8000

10. Little Siam

For a taste of Thailand, look no further than Little Siam, located in the shadow of the stunning Sint-Salvatorskathedraal.

Touted by many as the best Thai restaurant in Bruges, this is the perfect spot in the city to enjoy dishes prepared according to Thai tradition, including pad thai.

As a small and cosy restaurant, it’s one of the best places to eat out in Bruges after a long day exploring the city.
Address: Sint-Salvatorskoorstraat 3, Bruges 8000

Best bars in Bruges

While there are many restaurants worth trying out in the city, some of the best places to eat in Bruges are in some of its many amazing bars. Whether you’re after a light lunch, afternoon snack, or just a refreshing drink, these are our favourite bars in Bruges.

Bourgogne des Flandres brewery

With a secluded terrace right along a canal in the heart of the old city, there are few places in Bruges with a more beautiful and serene setting for a drink than the Bourgogne des Flandres brewery.

With a history dating back hundreds of years, this brewery offers some of the nicest locally-brewed beers on tap.

You can also order some great snacks from the bar. We recommend having one of their pretzels – perfect to accompany a beer flight! 

A beer flight from the Bourgogne des Flandres brewery in Bruges.
A beer flight at the Bourgogne des Flandres brewery

Le Trappiste

This specialist beer bar is set in a 13th-century cellar and is opening late every day, making it a great location to spend some time trying the different drinks they have on offer.

Le Trappiste serves more than 120 different beers, so you won’t be lacking choice!

De Halve Maan brewery

Along with Bourgogne des Flandres, De Halve Maan is one of two breweries in Bruges and is also one of the best places to stop by for a drink.

You can sit in their courtyard bar and try one of their locally-brewed beers (their Brugse Zot Blond is our favourite) and you can even book onto a brewery tour.


At the top of the Infokantoor Markt, a tourist office and visitor centre where you can learn a lot about the city, you’ll find the Duvelorium.

This bar includes a balcony within the historic building which has incredible views over the Markt, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing beer.

Bieratelier Brugge

Very much a hidden gem within the city, Bieratelier Brugge is a snug little bar with a warm atmosphere located on Wijngaardstraat.

You may pass by it if you’re walking to the Minnewaterpark on the way from the city centre, but make sure to stop by for a drink (or several). It’s a lot of fun to get a flight of a dozen different beers and find a quiet corner to try them out.

Food to try in Bruges

When you’re in Bruges, there are plenty of different Belgian delicacies that you should try

  1. Frites – Surprisingly, the best fries in Europe can be found in Belgium, not France! Plenty of meals come served with frites, but they can also be enjoyed alone or with fritessaus, a mayonnaise-like sauce.
  2. Mussels – A traditional Belgian dish, steamed mussels make a great lunch or dinner if you like shellfish there’s no better time to have them than when you’re in Bruges.
  3. Waffles – These are some of the most popular treats for tourists in Bruges, and there’s nothing better than tucking into a freshly-made waffle while you sit by one of the beautiful canals.
  4. Flemish beef stew (carbonnade flamande) – This rich and meaty dish is guaranteed to fill you up, and when you try it out in Bruges it’s often made with one of the locally-brewed beers such as Bourgogne des Flandres.
  5. Chocolates – Something else that Belgium is famous for is chocolate, and when you’re exploring the streets of Bruges you’ll discover plenty of chocolatiers where you can buy Belgian chocolates to your heart’s content.

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