5 Best Italian Restaurants in St Albans

St Albans is full of many amazing places to have a tasty lunch or special meal, including many fantastic independent eateries worth trying out if you’re in the area.

Take a look at this list of the best Italian restaurants in St Albans.

1. L’Italiana

Take a walk down French Row, a small street by the clocktower, and you’ll find a couple of cute cafes as well as this lovely little eatery – L’Italiana.

With all the classic Italian dishes and a scenic location, this is an excellent spot for a meal.

If you’re in the centre of St Albans during the day, it also offers an incredibly good value lunch deal. The clock tower, cathedral, and many other popular things to do in St Albans are nearby, so it’s a good stop-off point for a refreshment.

A fiorentina pizza at L'Italiana, one of the best Italian restaurants in St Albans
A fiorentina pizza at L’Italiana

2. La Cosa Nostra

Look just around the corner from the Horn, one of the best pubs in St Albans and a great music venue, La Cosa Nostra offers everything you could want from an Italian restaurant.

With a terrace that’s lively in summer and an inside that’s warm and cosy, La Cosa Nostra has one of the best atmospheres for a special night out.

The meals are all fresh and authentic, and with a wood-fired pizza oven roaring in the background there’s a lot going for it and there’s a reason why it’s on our list of the best restaurants in St Albans. Try out their namesake pizza, Cosa Nostra, if you want a recommendation.

Napoletana pizza from La Cosa Nostra, one of the best Italian restaurants in St Albans
A takeaway Napoletana pizza from La Cosa Nostra

3. Per Tutti

Located down Holywell Hill, Per Tutti is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in St Albans. If you want to try it out, make sure to reserve ahead of time as it can get booked up.

Per Tutti has an impressive selection of meals to choose from, including all the favourites, and with a relaxed atmosphere it’s easy to stay around for hours.

4. Verdis

For an option outside the city centre, look no further than Verdis. On the corner of Clarence Park, they’re in the perfect location for a relaxing meal out.

Not only that, but they also serve breakfast and lunch, and you can even pick up a coffee or a light snack if you’re on a walk around the park. They have an ice cream stand outside too, if you’re after a tasty snack.

5. Bellaccino’s

Another option for a tasty Italian in the centre of St Albans is Bellaccino’s, a family-run restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients (and it’s just next door to L’Italiana).

Originally a small cafe, the popularity of Bellaccino’s meant that it expanded into a full restaurant, serving a whole range of Italian dishes to cater for every need. Definitely try it out if you’re passing by. For a starter, their burrata is delicious!

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