6 Best Dessert Places in St Albans

In recent years, going out for dessert or another sweet treat has become an increasingly popular activity, and like many cities in the country, St Albans has many tasty options.

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or are looking for somewhere to have pudding after a nice meal out in the city, check out this list of the best places for dessert in St Albans.

1. The Waffle House

Located within a 16th century, Grade II listed watermill, The Waffle House is one of the most popular places to get dessert in St Albans.

In terms of what they offer, the name is a giveaway. They have a large range of Belgian waffles, both savoury and sweet, so are a great option for breakfast and lunch, as well as a pudding.

As one of the best restaurants in St Albans, The Waffle House can get busy. There’s no pre-booking, so make sure to get there in plenty of time as queues can be long during weekends.

Outside the Waffle House in St Albans
Outside the Waffle House

2. The Pudding Stop

One of the most popular locations for dessert in St Albans is The Pudding Stop. With handmade puddings of all sorts, from brownies and blondies to cheesecake and doughnuts, it’s always worth dropping by to see what freshly-baked goods are on offer.

As St Albans is one of the best destinations for a city break in the UK by train, you may well pass by the Pudmobile on your way in or out of the city. This little van provides refreshments for commuters every day, but you can also make use of it if you’re passing by.

3. Crepe Affaire

As one of the newer additions to the city, Crepe Affaire rose in popularity by covering one untapped market: crepes. With shops all over the country, it’s unsurprising that one popped up in St Albans.

Not only do they have a selection of sweet crepes on offer, there’s also a number of savoury options for a tasty breakfast or lunch, as well as waffles, milkshakes and smoothies. 

Located on the high street right by the town hall, it’s in the perfect place to stop by for a snack.

4. Shaken Cow

For something a little different, try Shaken Cow. It has a few shops around Hertfordshire, but the one in St Albans is the original. Located in the shadow of the clocktower, it’s a great spot to relax for a while.

Shaken Cow specialises in milkshakes. Its selection is varied, with all sorts of flavours and dozens of different toppings. You can even construct your own concoction to perfectly suit your tastes.

5. Room for Dessert

While most options on this list are in and around the town centre, you can look further afield down Hatfield Road to find one of the best places to have a sweet treat in St Albans – Room for Dessert.

Room for Dessert has almost everything you could ask for from a great pudding place: cake, milkshakes, smoothies, cookies dough, waffles, sundaes, and more!

It’s also open late into the evening, so if you’ve been out for a meal and are looking for somewhere to have a sweet course, it can be a useful option.

6. Darlish

Darlish is unlike many other dessert places in St Albans. Its ice creams are inspired by flavours from the Middle East, bringing a different range of tastes to the city.

Only open in the summer, make sure to swing by if it’s open. One item from their menu that’s worth trying is their flagship product: their baklava ice cream sandwich.

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