8 Best Beaches Near Tenby, Wales

One of the most popular destinations in the UK for tourists to visit in the summer is Tenby. This beautiful town on the south coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales, is a fantastic place to explore, whether you’re staying for a week-long holiday or dropping by for a day.

There are plenty of things to do in Tenby, but one of the most popular activities is visiting one of its nearby beaches. There are 3 beaches in Tenby itself, and many more a short drive up and down the coast.

If you’re looking for a day at the seaside and are around this part of Wales, check out this list of the best beaches near Tenby.

Castle Beach

While it may be the smallest beach in Tenby, Castle Beach is arguably the most beautiful. It’s nestled under Tenby Castle, providing a picturesque setting in which to relax.

The other notable feature is St Catherine’s Island which is right by the beach. You can visit the fort on top of this tidal island, which is accessible to walk or wade to during low tide.

At high tide, much of the beach gets submerged, so make sure to watch for the water coming in! You’ll also find that Castle Beach is one of the locations from where you can hop on a boat to explore the nearby Caldey Island.

Castle Beach in Tenby during the summer
Castle Beach in Tenby

North Beach

As one of the most photographed locations in Wales, North Beach is a stunning stretch of sand overlooked by the multi-coloured houses of Tenby on the promenade above.

Being enclosed by cliffs at one end and the harbour at the other, this east-facing beach catches the sun throughout the day and is one of the most popular beaches in Tenby for those looking to catch some rays.

A view over North Beach, one of the best beaches in Tenby
A view over Tenby’s North Beach in summer

South Beach

This is the largest beach in Tenby, stretching for two miles south-west away from the town. Due to the size and it being less commercialised than Castle Beach and North Beach, it’s the option for those aiming to get away from the crowds for a quieter seaside experience.

Backed by sandy dunes behind it, South Beach has a different feel to the other two in Tenby, offering a more peaceful escape from the touristy town.

With its large expanses of sand, there’s plenty of space for ball games, and in summer the sea is generally calm enough for activities like kayaking. You’ll also have great views across to Caldey Island.

Saundersfoot Beach

Take a short drive north from Tenby and you’ll get to the next town along the coast – Saundersfoot. While smaller than Tenby, it’s also a popular tourist destination as there are many things to do in Saundersfoot including visiting its beach.

Saundersfoot beach can get very busy in the height of summer, so make sure to get there early to secure a spot. You can try various watersports such as paddleboarding, and there are plenty of great places to eat in Saundersfoot for a tasty lunch or dinner.

You can also walk to and from Saundersfoot on the scenic Pembrokeshire coast walk. Read about the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk here.

Saundersfoot beach in the morning before crowds
Morning in Saundersfoot before the crowds have arrived

Monksfoot Beach

One of the quietest beaches near Tenby, Monksfoot beach is very much a hidden gem that’s worth the trouble making the hike to get to it.

Located halfway between Tenby and Saundersfoot, the beach feels tucked away and very remote compared to others in the area.

It is possible to drive to the nearby Trevayne Farm and walk down to the beach along a footpath, although parking is limited along the lane. 

Alternatively, you can use the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to either walk south from Saundersfoot or north from Tenby. The hike will take approximately an hour to get to the beach and you can take a well-deserved dip in the sea when you get there.

Priory Bay, Caldey Island

From Tenby harbour, you can buy tickets for one of the boats that shuttle passengers to and from Caldey Island. Home to a monastic order and protected red squirrels, there are plenty of things to do on Caldey Island that make it a great day out.

When you first arrive on the island, you’ll step onto a landing platform in Priory Bay and see a large sandy beach before you which makes for a great place to relax on the island.

Because the island is away from the mainland and the only way to get to it is by boat, the beach at Priory Bay never gets too busy, even on the hottest summer’s day. So, it’s well worth making the 20-minute crossing.

The beach at Priory Bay on Caldey Island during the summer
Even in summer, there’s plenty of space on the beach at Priory Bay

Amroth Beach

To get away from the tourists that crowd the beaches in Tenby and Saundersfoot in summer, visit Amroth. The long sandy beach here is generally very quiet, and during low tides the vast flat expanse of sand makes the perfect setting for sunbathing or playing games.

There are shops, cafes, and pubs in the nearby village of Amroth, so you’ll have choices if you need refreshment. Parking, however, is limited, so make sure to get there early to secure a space.

Amroth is also the starting point of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, a long-distance National Trail. Walkers can begin at Amroth and follow it west, from Saundersfoot to Tenby, and then continuing around the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Pebbles on Amroth Beach in Wales
Amroth Beach in the summer

Telpyn Beach

At the Carmarthernshire end of Amroth is Telpyn Beach. Being further along the coast, it can be even quieter than Amroth so it very much a spot to seek out if you’re looking for some solitude.

At low tide, you can even walk further east along the beach and around the point to Marros Sands, another stretch of beach which is even more untouched.

This is one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire too, because of how much of a hidden gem it is.

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