10 Best Beaches in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire boasts the best beaches in the UK for a variety of reasons, catering to different preferences. From family-friendly shores with excellent facilities and calm waters to hidden bays and secluded coves that offer the chance for a peaceful escape, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re staying in Tenby or exploring the West Coast near Cardigan, you can find some of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire up and down this part of the coast.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and most beautiful beaches in Pembrokeshire, so you know where to head for a day by the sea.

1. Saundersfoot Beach

Saundersfoot Beach is a charming coastal gem located in Pembrokeshire, Wales. With its golden sands and crystal-clear waters, it offers a picturesque setting for relaxation and recreation.

Whether you’re looking to bask in the sun, take a refreshing swim, or build sandcastles with your family, Saundersfoot Beach caters to all beachgoers’ needs.

Surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and lush greenery, Saundersfoot Beach provides a tranquil escape from bustling city life. The beach also serves as a starting point for scenic coastal walks, such as following the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to Tenby.

In addition to its natural beauty, the thriving seaside community contains charming shops, cafes, and restaurants, so there are plenty of things to do in Saundersfoot in addition to having a day at the beach.

Saundersfoot beach in the morning before crowds
Saundersfoot Beach in the morning

2. Tenby Beaches

Tenby, the beloved seaside destination in Pembrokeshire, steals the spotlight as the ultimate seaside favourite in this part of the country. Its popularity as a holiday spot stems from its vibrant town and the allure of its colourful buildings, which make it a highly sought-after place to visit.

Adding to Tenby’s charm are its magnificent beaches, which are unquestionably some of the finest in Pembrokeshire. The town boasts four stunning beaches: South Beach, North Beach, Castle Beach, and Harbour Beach:

  • Castle Beach: Situated beneath the enchanting Tenby Castle and boasting mesmerizing views of St Catherine’s Island, Castle Beach exemplifies the idyllic beauty that Tenby has to offer.
  • North Beach: Adorned with the iconic and vibrant houses of Tenby that grace the promenade above, North Beach stands as one of the town’s most beloved and sought-after stretches of sandy shoreline.
  • South Beach: Stretching for miles, South Beach provides a serene sanctuary, offering ample space to escape the summer crowds that flock to Tenby. It serves as a tranquil retreat where visitors can enjoy peace and quiet amidst the coastal splendour.
  • Harbour Beach: Sheltered against the harbour wall, this small sandy beach is perfect for families with small children.
A view over North Beach in Tenby
The North Beach in Tenby

3. Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay, located on the southwestern coast of Wales, is a hidden gem renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty. Nestled between dramatic cliffs and surrounded by lush greenery, this secluded beach offers a sense of tranquillity and seclusion. 

Its pristine white sands and turquoise waters make it a dream destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat in a breathtaking setting, and not only is it one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire, but it’s also one of the most popular in all of Wales.

Considered one of the most picturesque beaches in the United Kingdom, Barafundle Bay remains unspoiled and untouched by commercial development. Its remote location and lack of facilities add to its charm, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of nature.

The beach can only be accessed by a scenic half-mile walk from Stackpole, further enhancing the sense of adventure and exclusivity for those who make the journey.

4. Amroth Beach

Amroth Beach, located along the southern coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales, is a charming coastal haven known for its sweeping sands and abundance of space. This wide and expansive beach offers a delightful playground for beachgoers of all ages.

The soft golden sands provide plenty of room to find your own peaceful spot for sunbathing, building sandcastles, or playing games on the beach.

The beach also serves as a gateway to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, a renowned walking route that allows visitors to explore the breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems of the area. 

You can follow the path east to Saundersfoot and then to Tenby, from where the route continues 186 miles all the way to St Dogmaels in the north.

You can find a number of delicious places to eat just up from the beach, including the themed Pirate Cafe.

Just to the east of Amroth is another of the best beaches near Tenby that offers a more secluded experience, Telpyn Beach.

Pebbles on Amroth Beach in Wales
Amroth Beach

5. Freshwater West Beach

At one of the most south-westerly points of Wales, Freshwater West Beach is another of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire.

Along with the vast expanse of golden sands and rugged dunes that offer a dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape, the beach is one of Wales’ best surfing spots.

The strong waves found here mean that Freshwater West Beach attracts wave riders from near and far. So, if you’re up for a challenge, bring your board or hire one before your visit to the beach.

The unspoiled beauty has made it a popular filming location for movies, including scenes from the Harry Potter film series. Fans of the wizarding world travel to Freshwater West Beach to see the setting for Shell Cottage and Dobby’s grave used in The Deathly Hallows.

6. Freshwater East Beach

Closer to Pembroke, and found on the other side of the headland from Freshwater West, the beach at Freshwater East is another that’s one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire.

Freshwater East is a small village with a gorgeous sandy beach located on the same stretch of coast as Barafundle Bay, and getting to the beach requires a small walk, so it’s another that’s a bit more secluded.

The beach’s sheltered location also creates a suitable environment for swimming and paddleboarding, making it a versatile destination for water-based activities.

7. Marloes Sands

Marloes Sands, nestled along the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales, is a breathtakingly beautiful beach that enchants visitors with its remote and untouched splendour. This secluded beach is perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat and a connection with nature.

Surrounded by the rugged cliffs of the Marloes Peninsula, Marloes Sands has one of the most awe-inspiring settings compared to some of the other best beaches in Pembrokeshire.

Visitors can take leisurely walks along the shore, exploring the rock pools teeming with fascinating marine life or simply basking in the serenity of the picturesque surroundings.

Due to its untouched beauty, Marloes Sands is also a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers. The beach is home to a variety of seabirds, including puffins, guillemots, and razorbills.

Nature lovers can witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, making Marloes Sands a haven for birdwatching and a unique opportunity to connect with the coastal ecosystem.

8. Monksfoot Beach

Monksfoot Beach, situated between Tenby and Saundersfoot, is a hidden gem known for its tranquil and secluded ambience, making it one of the quietest beaches near Tenby. Despite its remote location, the beach is well worth the effort it takes to reach it.

Accessing the beach can be done by either driving to Trevayne Farm and following a footpath or embarking on a scenic hike along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. While parking along the lane near the farm is limited, the path provides a picturesque route to the beach.

If you choose to hike by following the walk from Saundersfoot to Tenby, or vice versa, the journey to Monksfoot Beach will take approximately an hour. However, the reward awaits as you arrive and can indulge in a refreshing swim in the inviting sea.

Whether you opt for the footpath or the coastal path, the experience of discovering this hidden gem will undoubtedly make the effort worthwhile.

9. Aberfforest Beach

Located near Fishguard, towards the northern edge of Pembrokeshire, Aberfforest Beach is very much a hidden gem, but it’s a secret spot worth discovering.

Tucked away in a sheltered cove, this picturesque beach is surrounded by lush woodland and rocky cliffs, and can only be accessed on foot.

It’s one of the best beaches near Newport, which is another popular coastal spot just to the west, but the secluded location means that Aberfforest Beach offers a great way to get away from the crowds.

There’s also a river leading from the beach which you can follow inland to a beautiful little waterfall.

10. Whitesands Beach

Whitesands Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Pembrokeshire, and it’s also arguably the best beach near St Davids, a popular town for visitors to head to when in this part of Wales.

The white sands make this one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and a car park just by the beach means that it’s easy to access too.

Arguably the best feature of Whitesands Bay is that it faces west, which means it’s a great spot to watch the sunset after a long day at the beach.

It’s also one of the best surfing beaches in Wales due to how the surf breaks at the northern end of the beach. Bodyboarders, canoeists, and kayakers also frequent the waters here.

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