10 Best Beaches in Norfolk

Norfolk is home to some of the best beaches in the UK which are part of the reason why people flock to this part of the country all year round.

This county in England is known for its rugged landscapes, including the beautiful Norfolk Broads, but the gorgeous coastline offers a variety of different locations that are worth exploring.

If you’re looking for a day out or a holiday in East Anglia, then consider some of the many options for a fun time at the seaside. To help decide where to go, check out this guide on the best beaches in Norfolk.


One of the most beautiful seaside towns in Norfolk is Cromer. While there are plenty of activities in Cromer that make it a great destination for a day out by the sea, there’s nothing better than spending time on its beach.

With the picturesque pier making for a perfect backdrop, Cromer Beach offers everything you could want from a beach in Norfolk.

It’s a great spot to sunbathe or take a dip in the sea when the water’s not too cold. You’re also within a short walk of the town centre, where you can get a bite to eat such as fish and chips.

There’s a museum nearby too, as well as the pier with other amusements, so the beach is a great place to base yourself with a variety of things to do around it.

The beach at Cromer, Norfolk
Cromer Beach in summer

Great Yarmouth

On the eastern section of the Norfolk coastline you can find Great Yarmouth. As one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK, it offers a different experience that the other smaller towns along the Norfolk coast.

With a busy pier and Pleasure Beach, there’s always a lot to do in Great Yarmouth including going on the roller coaster and other rides, all with the sea in view.

The beach at Great Yarmouth is long and sandy, so there’s plenty of space in the summer to find somewhere to play games.


On the north Norfolk coast, Wells-next-the-Sea has one of the nicest beaches around. The town itself is inland from the shoreline, but you can drive or walk straight up Beach Road to get to the sea.

With a cafe and RNLI visitor centre at the end, you can stop off for refreshments, but head a little further and you’ll discover the beautiful Wells-next-the-Sea Beach.

With a distinctive row of multi-coloured beach huts, the beach here is one of the most photographed spots in Norfolk. The sand and dunes provide a great landscape to explore and make camp. You could even walk west following the coast all the way to Holkham Beach.

Because of the natural beauty of the beach and surrounding area, a visit here is one of the best days out in Norfolk for couples.

Beach houses at Wells-Next-The-Sea, one of the best beaches in Norfolk
The colourful beach houses at Wells-next-the-Sea


When the tide is out, Holkham has one of the largest beaches in Norfolk. The large expanses of sand are great for playing games, building sandcastles, and having a picnic.

With the flat beach, it’s also a good location to wade in the sea. Just be careful of the tide – it comes in quickly and there aren’t lifeguards around.

Salthouse Beach

Home of the Dun Cow, one of the most popular places to eat on the Norfolk coast, the charming village of Salthouse is a lovely location to explore, and it has a great beach too.

Park in the village and you can take a scenic walk along a trail that heads off the Coast Road and takes you right to the sea, through fields with local cows.

The pebbly beach looks out over the North Sea and it’s a good place to take your dog for a runaround. You can also follow the Norfolk Coast Path from here, either west to Cley Beach or east to Weybourne Beach.

The beach near Salthouse
The beach near Salthouse

Weybourne Beach

Drive up Beach Lane from the small village of Weybourne and you can park right by this lovely beach on the North Norfolk coast.

For those looking for a short hike or somewhere to wear out a furry friend, Weybourne beach provides the perfect opportunity. 

You can walk east along the beach, with the sea on your left and cliffs to your right. Then, when you’re ready to return, you can head up onto the clifftops and follow the walking trail back along to the car park, making for a great circuit with amazing view across the sea.

Cliffs above Weybourne Beach
Cliffs above Weybourne Beach


A short distance east of Cromer is another town with one of the most popular beaches in Norfolk – Sheringham.

With great amusements, cafes, and independent shops, there’s plenty to do in the town itself. While the beach may not look like much at high tide, with the sea coming right up to the promenade, at low tide there’s plenty of space to play games and build sandcastles.

You can even do rock pooling around the boulders up against the promenade. There’s also a dog-free area of the beach that’s worth being aware of, either if you’re a dog owner or if you’re looking for a more peaceful spot!


Best known for the seals that are easy to find here, Horsey is a quiet beach and perfect location for a tranquil time by the coast. 

There may not be any facilities near the beach or car park, but that only serves to make it feel even more remote and an escape from the crowds that are common at some of the busier beaches in Norfolk, like at Great Yarmouth.

The seals, however, are a major attraction and a big reason why many people travel to Horsey. The best time of year to see the grey seals is between November and January each year when they come onto the beach to give birth. 

While you might have to walk a while up the beach to see them, it’ll be worth it. Keep your eyes peeled as you look out to see too, as you’ll likely see there heads popping up out of the water!


Just south of Horsey is Winterton, a small village with a car park right by the beach. From Winterton, you can walk up the sandy beach to Horsey for a good chance of seeing seals.

The sweeping sand dunes behind the beach are a great setting for playing games or taking dogs out for some exercise. You can also take shelter in the dunes on a windy day if you need to sit somewhere with a picnic.

If you park in Winterton, you can do a lovely circular walk by heading north up the beach then cutting into the dunes at any point and following the trail back to the village.

The beach near Winterton in Norfolk
The beach near Winterton


Hunstanton isn’t just the only west-facing beach on this list (offering the best place to watch the sunset), it’s also home to two different beaches depending on what experience you’re after. 

The town of Hunstanton (or New Hunstanton) is larger, with a promenade and plenty of cafes and other places to get food or drink, as well as amusements.

Slightly further up the coast is Old Hunstanton, where the surrounding cliffs contribute to the natural beauty of the area.

The beach at Old Hunstanton in Norfolk with the sun shining down on it
The sun shining down at Old Hunstanton

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