Amroth to Saundersfoot Walk: A Full Guide

The Amroth to Saundersfoot walk is the first stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, and it’s a pleasant way to explore this part of the southern Welsh coastline.

Connecting two popular seaside towns, both with stunning beaches, this route is a pleasant mixture of easy strolling along even paths with the occasional challenging incline, namely near the start of the walk.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about walking from Amroth to Saundersfoot, including a step by step guide so you don’t get lost.

Part of the walking trail between Amroth and Saundersfoot
Part of the clifftop route between Saundersfoot and Amroth


Distance: Approximately 3 miles (4.8 kilometers).

Difficulty: Easy to moderate, with some hilly sections and uneven terrain.

Time: Allow 1-2 hours depending on your pace and stops along the way.

How to get to Amroth

As a small coastal village in Pembrokeshire, Amroth is a relatively remote location and you won’t find be able to catch a train that gets you very close, making driving the best way to get there.

Saundersfoot has the nearest train station, from which you’ll need to book a taxi (or decide on the best route to walk from Saundersfoot to Amroth)

If driving, the A477 provides the most straightforward route, whether you’re coming east or west along the coast.

Alternatively, there are local buses that stop at Amroth.

Parking at Amroth

There is free parking all along the main promenade at Amroth, which is a perfect spot to start the walk. However, as it’s situated right by the beach it can get very busy, especially during holidays, so we’d recommend arriving early.

There is also a car park in the village, just down the lane behind the Amroth Arms, although this is paid for, starting at £1 an hour.

A sculpture of a fish at Amroth
A sculpture by Amroth Beach

Guide to walking from Amroth to Saundersfoot

Once you’re at Amroth, you can enjoy the view across the sea. Having one of the nicest beaches in Pembrokeshire, Amroth is a great place to spend a morning before starting the walk to Saundersfoot. There are also several cafes to grab a drink or bite to eat before setting off.

1. Along the seafront

With the sea to your left, make your way along the seafront. You’ll pass (depending on where you start) several cafes and pubs – the Amroth Arms, the Pirate Cafe, and Smuggler’s Cove.

There’s also a very handy shop where you can pick up a drink or snack to take with you on the walk.

At the end of the promenade, where the road bends inland, there’s a public toilet that’s a useful place to stop before the next step of the walk.

The exterior of Amroth Arms in Amroth, Pembrokeshire
The Amroth Arms

2. Up the cliffs

From here, you’ll be able to see where you’ll be going next. The wooded cliffs rise up in front, and there’s a very steep trail that leads you to the top. Alternatively, you can follow the road up a bit more and then loop around onto Cliff Road.

The route straight up the cliffs has steps to help with the ascent, so you shouldn’t quite need to scramble. But it’s hard work and you may need to stop for a rest part way up.

Once you’re at the top, however, catch your breath and savour the view back down across Amroth – it may only be the start of the walk but you deserve a break!

Looking down the steps that lead up the cliff from Amroth in Wales
Looking back down the steps

3. Heading along Cliff Road

With Amroth now behind you, head through a gate and along a trail that runs parallel with the coast. This bends up and joins Cliff Road, a popular route for walkers and cyclists between Amroth and Wiseman’s Bridge.

Turn left at this fork, following Cliff Road southwest. There are some good viewpoints along the way from which you’ll be able to even see Saundersfoot in the distance.

Pass through another gate and the walking route will turn into a quiet but steep road which you can continue following down, with houses and holidays homes on either side.

The view over to Saundersfoot during the Amroth to Saundersfoot walk
The view over to Saundersfoot

4. Down to Wisemans Bridge

Take two left turns off Cliff Road as you continue downhill. These roads don’t have pavements, so make sure to stay to the side.

After a couple of minutes you’ll pass by Wisemans Bridge Inn and you’ll be back by the sea again.

At roughly the halfway point, Wisemans Bridge Inn is a fantastic pub to treat yourself to a drink if you’re thirsty or just want to take the walk quite leisurely.

Continue along the road, through the car park (which can get very busy).

5. Continuing on the coastal path

The road bends away from the sea again, but you can take a footpath instead which takes you right along the coast.

On particularly wild, stormy days and at high tide, the sea spray does get quite ferocious, but for the most part this walk is very pleasant. Best of all, there are no more hills on this part of the Amroth to Saundersfoot walk.

6. Through the tunnels

The footpath takes you through a series of short tunnels that were originally excavated for a railway, but they’re now designated for pedestrians and cyclists.

The tunnels aren’t lit, but you’ll be able to see the light at the end so just keep heading straight on.

One of the tunnels near Saundersfoot
Heading through a tunnel towards Saundersfoot

7. Into Saundersfoot

Once you emerge from the second tunnel, at Coppet Hall, you’ll see a car park next to Coast, one of the nicest restaurants near Saundersfoot.

From here there are two ways to walk to Saundersfoot. If the weather is nice and the tide isn’t completely in, you can head onto Coppet Hall Beach and follow the sandy beach all the way to Saundersfoot. Alternatively, the slightly faster route that takes you straight into the town is by continuing along the footpath and through another tunnel.

This second route will take you along The Strand, a straight road which passes several lovely shops and places to eat. At the end, you’ll be on the High Street, with Saundersfoot Beach to your left.

The harbour is another short walk straight on, or you can explore the other amenities in the town by following the road around to the right, such as the popular Harbwr Bar & Kitchen.

Things to do in Saundersfoot

Now that you’ve completed the Amroth to Saundersfoot walk, and the first stretch of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, you can take your time exploring the beautiful seaside town.

We’ve written a blog on the best things to do in Saundersfoot, which you can use as inspiration, but these are a few of our top picks:

  • Relax on the beaches: Saundersfoot boasts two beautiful sandy beaches, Saundersfoot Beach and Coppet Hall Beach. Both are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and building sandcastles. The clear waters make them perfect for a refreshing dip, and on a hot summer day they almost feel Mediterranean.
  • Go crabbing in the harbour: There’s a designated zone for crabbing which offers a fun way to pass the time. All you need to do is bring a reel, bucket, and bacon, and read our guide to crabbing in the UK to guarantee success!
  • Water sports: For those who love water sports, Saundersfoot offers opportunities for kayaking and paddleboarding. Several local companies offer rentals and guided tours.
  • Eat fresh seafood: Saundersfoot is known for its seafood, so be sure to try some locally caught fish and seafood dishes at one of the village’s seafood restaurants like The Stone Crab.
  • Boat trips: Consider taking a boat trip from Saundersfoot Harbor to explore the coastline from a different perspective. Some trips even offer the chance to spot seals and other marine wildlife.
Saundersfoot beach in the morning before crowds
Saundersfoot Beach

How to get back from Saundersfoot to Amroth

To return to Amroth, you can either walk back along the same path, take a bus, or arrange for transportation. Keep in mind that the return journey will also be approximately 4 miles.

Continuing the walk to Tenby

If you haven’t quite stretched your legs enough (or you’re planning on resuming the hike another day), one of our favourite walks in Pembrokeshire is the coastal route from Saundersfoot to Tenby.

On a warm sunny day, it’s the perfect way to escape the crowds that gather in both towns, especially on holidays. Plus, you’re treated with unparalleled views over the Welsh coastline.

Read our guide on the Saundersfoot to Tenby walk for a full rundown of what it involves.

Tips for the walk from Amroth to Saundersfoot:

  • Wear comfortable clothing, suitable for the weather.
  • Bring a waterproof jacket just in case, as the Welsh weather can be unpredictable.
  • Ensure your phone is charged, and consider bringing a power bank for safety.
  • Respect the natural environment and wildlife along the way; do not disturb or litter.
  • Take care on uneven terrain and steep sections.
  • Make sure someone knows your walking plans, especially if you’re walking alone.
  • Enjoy the stunning views and the serenity of this beautiful coastal walk in Pembrokeshire.

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