About the blog

Ardent Wanderers is a travel blog for those looking to make the most of whichever town, region, or country they’re in. We believe that wherever you are, it’s worth exploring – there’s always something to see around the corner.

We’re based in the UK and love discovering hidden gems on our doorstep. Across England and Wales in particular, we want to share everything we’ve found on our travels so that you can make the most of this beautiful country.

We also love visiting other countries, with recent trips to Belgium and Italy, and hope to see more in the future. When we do, you’ll find everything you need to know about them on this blog!

How to support the blog

If you like what you’ve read on the blog and want to support Ardent Wanderers, why not buy show your appreciation and buy us a coffee? A small tip will help us cover the costs of running the site – like server costs – and will encourage us to keep traveling and writing!

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