Aber Falls Walk: Guide to the 2 Best Routes

The Aber Falls walk is a popular hiking trail through the Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve in the northern part of the Snowdonia National Park.

This area of Wales is famed for it’s natural beauty, and with a well-maintained route that takes you to the Aber Falls – a picturesque waterfall – there’s a reason why this trail is so popular.

Not only that, the surrounding mountains offer a beautiful backdrop for this walk, no matter the weather, so following this Aber Falls walk is always a great option if you’re looking for things to do in North Wales.

The path leading up to Aber Falls, with the waterfall visible in the distance
The walk to Aber Falls

Aber Falls walk key details:

Distance: 4km

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Accessibility: Gravel path

Parking for the Aber Falls walk

There’s a designated Aber Falls car park on the road leading up to Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve, which is the best option as it allows you to head off immediately to start the Aber Falls walk.

Because of this convenience, however, the car park can get full quickly, so aim to get there before 10am to find a spot.

If it is full, there’s also parking available for free at the nearby village of Abergwyngregyn, although it can add 15-20 minutes more to the overall walk.

An Aber Falls walk map at the car park
A map at the Aber Falls car park

Aber Falls walk – the main route

From the Aber Falls car park, head through a gate past a sign and head along the trail that follows the course of a stream.

It will take you to a small wooden footbridge which you can cross before continuing up onto the main trail.

A stream that's crossed as part of the Aber Falls walk
Crossing the stream

Continue up the hill. There will be a wooden hut at a fork in the road, but the Aber Falls walk is clearly signposted so you can continue to follow it without worrying about getting lost.

The gravel path continues to wind gradually uphill, and as there are no alternate paths for most of the way it’s straightforward to follow.

As you get hike further uphill, you’ll also be able to turn back and see the sea in the distance back through the valley.

The valley leading up to Aber Falls with the sea on the horizon in the distance
Looking back down the valley

Further along the trail, you’ll eventually spot the Aber Falls in the distance. The path will gradually narrow, but you just need to continue along until you reach the waterfall.

At the Aber Falls, this is the main sight of the walk, so spend as much time around them as you like. This beautiful waterfall is a popular location take a picture, and on a warm day the area around it is perfect for a picnic.

Aber Falls in North Wales
Aber Falls

This is the apex of the short Aber Falls walk. When ready to return to the start, you can simply follow the trail back the way you came. Or, there’s also the option to make it a circular walk and take an alternative route back.

Aber Falls circular walk

The Aber Falls circular walk is a nice extension to the route, allowing you to see more of the surrounding area without retreading your steps.

It’s simple to follow too. You’ll see a wooden footbridge crossing the stream a short way down from the waterfall. Cross it and follow the path.

This trail will take you back down the valley, following the opposite side of the stream from the way you came up.

The walk also offer many great views back to the Aber Falls, so it’s definitely worth doing if you’ve got an extra hour to complete it.

Aber Falls walk FAQs

Who is the Aber Falls walk suitable for?

With a car park nearby and paved paths all the way to the falls, walking to Aber Falls is straightforward enough for walkers of any ability.

The route is clearly signposted so there’s no map-reading required. Families can enjoy the gentle walk and, with the beautifully photogenic waterfalls, we also find that it’s one of the best things to do in North Wales for couples.

How long does the Aber Falls walk take?

At approximately 4km long, the short Aber Falls walk take up to 1.5 hours to complete, there and back.

This can be extended by up to an hour if following the Aber Falls circular walk, which takes you an alternate route back to the start.

Is the Aber Falls walk pushchair and wheelchair friendly?

The path from the Aber Falls car park to the waterfall is pushchairs and wheelchairs as it’s well-maintained and wide. 

It is uphill for a significant part of the way and the path is gravelly, not paved, so come prepared as it’s not the easiest for accessibility.

Only the short Aber Falls walk is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs, as the longer circular route involve following uneven, unpaved paths.

When is the best time to complete the Aber Falls walk?

Unlike other walks in the UK, with the Aber Falls walk it’s generally recommended to go after heavy rainfall. This is to guarantee the most spectacular views of the waterfall with a strong flow.

The maintained paths on the way there also mean that you don’t have to worry about getting very muddy either, unless you’re following the circular route.

Do note that the Aber Falls walk is very popular, so aim to do in midweek if possible and avoid bank holidays and school holidays.

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